4th of July at the Cabin.

Going to the cabin for the 4th is no new thing for me and my family. Ive grown up there my whole life and every year it held the same magic as it did this year. Nothing beats a 4th on Lake Guntersville. Nothing. The only thing different this year from past years is that I now have my own little family to enjoy it with. As a little girl, I would do nothing but day dream whenever I was at the cabin about my future husband. (Silly, i know) But I have always been a hopeless romantic;) The simplicity of the place, and its beautiful setting creates quite the romantic atmosphere- Which makes sense, considering Cal and I honeymooned there. There is also no service, which means no TV and no Cell Phones- Just the company of family. In a world so technologically advanced, I think a week of 'unplugging' is necessary. And quite refreshing!

I never truly realized the beauty of the cabin until I invited a friend down. She was gawking non-stop at the scenic view from the pier. It was at that moment I realized I had been slightly 'spoiled' growing up. To me the cabin was normal. I mean, everyone had a cabin with mountains right? I finally realized how blessed I was to know such a place, and have never cherished it more since that moment. Its also where some of my best memories as a child are growing up. It holds my best and last memories of my brother Bobby. Its where I first learned to swim; Where I caught my first fish- a  baby croppy; Where I learned how to bait a hook; Where I learned how to ski, kneeboard, and slalom ski-thanks to my brother; and so many more. There are so many vivid memories I have even as a tiny tot from that place. Its hard, and almost scary to imagine, what our lives would be without the cabin! Its that special. Such a special place deserves to live on through the generations, and then some:) Im so elated watching my son enjoy the cabin like I use to. Its my heart's true desire for him to be happy, and to live out these special moments I was so graciously given as a young one.

So with all that being said, Happy 4th of July! Im grateful and humbled by those who fought for our freedom, and have allowed our family to enjoy life how we see fit. I hope all of you had a blessed one.