Bass pro at the pyramid!


Better late than never! We finally made it out to see the new bass pro shop here in Memphis. Cal took rob while I was in South Africa so this was their second time but my first:) I’m not a bass pro fanatic or anything, but I grew up going to the pyramid as a little girl. I was so sad when they shut it down!;/ Like seriously, what is Memphis without its pyramid?? I am beyond thrilled to have it back up and running just in time for my little one. Oh, and considering he’s a little boy who likes trucks, boats, and fishing, I couldn't think of anything better to be here than a bass pro! I got lucky on that one I guess!;)

One of my favorite parts of tonight was watching the two of them bond. It was ridiculous how sweet they were. Rob had all the right questions and dad had all the right answers. And mom...well, I just chipped in where I could; usually a bathroom break, a hurt boo-boo, etc.  But when faced with the "hey, what fish is that?" question I was left stumped and darting eyes at dad to come in for the rescue. Im not saying I am completely illiterate when it comes to naming fish, but there are just some questions that dad is better at answering than me. All night I watched him answer with enthusiasm and delight every question little man had for him. If you have little ones then you know that's a lot! I feel so blessed looking at these two. my heart is full! Thank you dad for being our hero. We love you to the moon and back!

Bass pro, you were fun. See you soon!:)
this is where the fish questions began. And where I just gladly stepped back to snap some shots;)

haha! rob, your such a ham


 no fear whatsoever!



so glad superman is still gracious with his hugs <3
 ^^THIS. may not be the most flattering but rob took this pic of us so its going down as a favorite.

 another photo, courtesy of rob:)


Family bike ride!

Look at that cutie! Gosh, he makes my heart explode and then melt into butter all at the same time. He is my handsome fella and I love nothing more than seeing his infectious smile. Family bike rides are not really new to us, but riding around the town is and I am totally in love with it! I mean how could you not be when you get to eat at your favorite restaurant and then bike 3 min to your favorite cupcake shop??  its just an awesome family activity that we all three enjoy. It brings out that smile in rob that I so dearly love. Oh, and he actually likes wearing a helmet now! woot woot! No more blood curling screams of defiance. Thank goodness. I cant wait for more bike rides in the future, especially when the weather cools down.  Memphis summers are fun but brutal. Whew!

Apparently there is zumba classes that take place here in the square. It was so much fun to watch. I had to resist the urge to to jump in! I can see why people love this stuff so much:)

Rob took this pic - With my assistance of course, but hes been playing with my camera and taking some pretty awesome shots. Usually its of the ground or in this case the random ketchup bottles in front of us. As I was cleaning up some of his photos I saw that he got this one. Pretty cool. Hes got a pretty awesome dad.

devouring some beignets!

brunch was accompanied by great music. I really love this place.


you really cant beat brunch at lafayettes!

After brunch I told cal we had to stop by muddys. They do this awesome thing every year where they feature Christmas flavored goodies in July. Its lovely. I haven't missed it in over three years and I didn't want this year to be any exception! Rob got the hot chocolate cupcake and I ordered the Christmas biscotti and peppermint mocha. Im feeling more festive already!:)

We ended our day at the park. Cal actually started feeling bad and we were worried he was heat exhausted so we went home. He works in this stuff every day so I guess it affected him more than us. Rob and I were good so we left the house to let cal rest and headed to the park down the street. We haven't been here in forever so it was kind of crazy just watching him climb things hes never been able to before. OUCH. my mama heart is so proud, but so painstakingly aware of how time is flying.

love him so.


movie night!

So apparently Memphis does free movie Tuesdays at beale street landing. And its kind of awesome!:) Well awesome in the sense that its free and that our city would do something like this for us. Maybe not so awesome though that we had three overtired kiddos who had been in the heat all day. Yikes!      Trying to keep them happy until 8:30 was a bit of a struggle, but hey! that's life with little ones. You cant win them all. Here I am getting a quick photo with my boys before the show.  Gosh, our view for the night was just terrible ;) (not!)

Some more photos
Hello cutest baby in the world.

can you tell the difference between boys and girls! :p

My heart.

The best I could get of all three of them ha!

I tell rob every time we leave the house that he can take one toy. And every time its this guy..Marshals fire  truck (paw patrol)

Frozen on the river... in the middle of summer:)

we love you aunt kiki!