Midtown Mondays!

   oh, how Im really loving Mondays right now. I decided last week to start a mini segment on my blog about local restaurants here in midtown. Basically, I find a new place every Monday to eat lunch at in between classes. What a horrible thing to blog about...gosh I just cant stand it;)  ha! yeah right. Yes, Im a health nut and I love to cook, but eating out is kind of important to our family as well. Cal and I love taking Rob to new places to try new things. Its a simple way to have family fun and make new traditions. My family grew up eating Chinese food after church every Sunday. Maybe not the most exciting thing, but gosh, us kids looked forward to it every week! And I can honestly say that eating food from a different culture, even if it was as simple as Chinese, helped us to be more adventurous with our food. Unfortunately back then, Chinese restaurants were using a lot of MSG in their meals, so we had to stop that tradition. (why you should look out for MSG, here)  Most Chinese places in our area have changed that. Thank goodness. Cause this girl still loves some Chinese food. But then again I just love food period!;)

My sister actually recommended this place. After looking them up online, I found out they were actually in Memphis in the 70's, and are just now making a re-appearance. Good for them!:) The food was delicious, and the restaurant itself was super clean and fresh. They host live bands, so cal and I will definitely be back to catch one. Were into that kind of thing:) If you are too, click here for a list of upcoming events. It might just be me, but I enjoy concerts way more when its paired with good food!

Now for the Good Stuff

Okay, so I feel bad for even posting that first pic. Definitely not healthy, but you best believe I ate it. In moderation of course :) And it was darn good. It was pimento cheese waffle fries with bacon. The good thing is that the flavors are so rich, you can only eat a couple bites and be satisfied. When restaurants don't offer healthy options, moderation is key! For my entrĂ©e, I tried to choose something that would offer a variety of nutrients to keep me satiated throughout my night classes. Pizza is such a good option, as it usually can have that nice variety of ingredients slathered nicely on some dough. As soon as I saw this breakfast pizza on the menu, I was in love. Im one of those who loves breakfast food, just not for breakfast. I could eat it every night for dinner! This bad boy had cheese, tomatos, an egg, and aragula. I was a little disappointed at the skimpy serving of arugula that was put on it, but oh well. Maybe it was just my guilty conscience for eating that appetizer above, because more arugula or no arugula, that pizza was divine. I think Ill still ask for extra arugula next time;)

I give this place a thumbs up. The food was clean and delicious, and the ambience was fantastic. Such a fun local hangout if that's your thing. So try it!:) And in the mean time, enjoy this random pic of me and my sis that was taken by a complete stranger. He totally stopped his car in the middle of traffic to get this for us. A man who knows the importance of documenting life. I like it. Midtown, your growing on me:)