Copper Mountain Ski Trip

Ski trip 2018 was a success! This was our first time skiing (or in cals case, snowboarding) so the fact that we all came back in one piece is the biggest success. That and the trip itself was so much fun. I was a little nervous, mainly due to the fact that I have never been skiing, but also because Rob was new to this as well.  I'm used to teaching rob things that I know. This was the first time we have both been in the same boat as newbies! It was definitely tricky at times, and sometimes downright stressful, especially when trying to make sure we both get down the mountain or off the lift in time. There was even one incident where Rob didn't let go of the t bar in time, and I literally had to leap forward (skis on!) and tackle him to the ground before the lift took him off the mountain! It sounds a lot more dramatic than it actually was, but it was still pretty intense. lol We learned a lot in the few short days we were there though, and by day three we were cruising down the bunny slopes with no prob!  If we had another day or two, then we would be killing the double diamond slopes in no time! totally kidding ;) Maybe next time though! We already looking forward to coming back.


Snow Day 2018!

 I got the phone call late last night that Robs school had closed due to the weather. If you live in the south, then you know how crazy we get when it snows. It's not that we never get snow, but when we do the whole city shuts down which means no school, all play! :D When I woke up it was pure sleet and ice (blah) but then around 9 am, fresh powdery snow started to fall down and it was just pure magic! It makes me wish that I had kept my Christmas tree up. It wouldn't have been a real white Christmas, but a girl can pretend! Maybe next year I will remember to hang on to all my decor a little longer ;)


Christmas Eve Pics and Goals for 2018

 I have to give mad props to my sis who on Christmas eve cleared her busy schedule to meet me for some last minute Christmas pics. This was something I had originally planned for earlier in the month when cal was off, but his schedule became too hectic and the month just kind of got away from us.  Sad that Christmas was drawing near and knowing that I didn't have any pics, I called my sister begging her to snap a few. She immediately came to my rescue like the awesome big sis that she is and took some pictures for me. So THANK YOU kat! we love you to the moon and back!