Snow Day 2018!

 I got the phone call late last night that Robs school had closed due to the weather. If you live in the south, then you know how crazy we get when it snows. It's not that we never get snow, but when we do the whole city shuts down which means no school, all play! :D When I woke up it was pure sleet and ice (blah) but then around 9 am, fresh powdery snow started to fall down and it was just pure magic! It makes me wish that I had kept my Christmas tree up. It wouldn't have been a real white Christmas, but a girl can pretend! Maybe next year I will remember to hang on to all my decor a little longer ;)

I seriously love a good snow day. And now that we have legit snow clothes from our ski trip, it makes playing outside in the snow much more enjoyable! Rob woke up and immediately geared up for some outside play. Both him and Amos started in the backyard and as soon as I got dressed, we all three headed to the park. I was so amazed at how different our little neighborhood looked with a fresh blanket of snow. It was like a winter wonderland postcard!

Once we got there, Amos and Rob shot off! I have never seen my dog sprint so much in my life. After they got done with the playground, we all three went for a little adventure at the creek. We have never explored that area before due to all the bushes and branches that are usually blocking it during the warmer months. I left the camera at the house so I didn't get any good shots, but it was so beautiful! Once we finished, dad finally showed up with the sled! The cool thing about our sled is that it comes with a special harness for Amos to pull! We have great hills in our park so we let Amos pull rob down the hills for a couple of runs before heading back inside the house. It was hard to get rob to come in, but we bribed him with some hot chocolate. Hot chocolate always works ;)

We are now sitting by a cozy fire waiting for our clothes to dry. Amos is curled up on his bed, rob is watching a movie, and chili is cooking on the stove. Its been a great day. So thankful for this family of mine. And for days like today where I get to spend quality time with all three of them.

Love my boys <3
Happy Snow Day!