Happy Birthday Rob!

Our little guy turned one this past Saturday! Hard to believe! heres some of our favorite pics from little mans 1st birthday bash. :)
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 we chose to do Disney Pixar's UP theme! little man and I probably watched this movie 1000 times on days where it was rainy and we were stuck inside. I fell in love with it, and it kept him calm on those impossible days:) I knew there was nothing better. It fit us perfectly:)

So have I mentioned yet that I have the most creative mother in the world?? She's wonderful...and helped me out so much. A lot of this was her idea. My favorite was the suitcases that had balloons(blowpops) coming out of clouds (snow you can buy at craft store) It was too cute!!
So apparently you can buy Vintage Coke bottles from Kroger. I'm Excited! :)

Just a good ole hug ;)

oh, that grin. :)

We ordered this bouncy for my nieces 1st birthday and it was a hit! We ordered it for Robs and it was still a hit! things like this just never get old :)

We attempted a family shot!

All he wanted was the balloons. can you blame him??

Some of my Fire Dpt. family! (and sis) I love all of these ladies. Its so great having a support group like this. When Rob was first born they were all so eager to reach out to me and give encouragement. We have become so close as we all share a common interest....Love for our babies:) Im so thankful for these women!! lots of love ladies!
Cousin pic! So trying to photograph 5 babies at one time is a lot harder than it sounds! I think Rob ended up face planting in the grass after all this was said and done. (it happens) so this was the best shot I could get. Robs got some pretty awesome family:) I for one am thankful to have them. they are all so wonderful!

its called smash cake for a reason right??;)
I cant even remember the last time me and the hubs had a good picture together! What better a time than on our sons first birthday?? :) I seriously love this man. He has been with me through it all. One year of marriage...   dirty diapers....all nighters....and were still madly in love. I don't see that changing anytime soon:)
Happy Birthday Robert Joseph!


With Love....

Its been a while since I last posted. Life is chaotic with a little one, and time does not slow down. His first birthday is creeping up on us. How did that happen?? where did the time go? ughh...wherever it went, I want it back. Sleepless nights and all. My baby is no longer a baby and I just don't know how I feel about it at all. Of course its exciting. I'm so proud of him and I'm amazed at his growth. I'm excited to see what the future holds for my little family. As his 1 year approaches though I'm feeling a little nostalgic. Bittersweet feelings that are so hard to explain to people sometimes. People always tell me..."don't be upset....this is an exciting time!" yes...yes I know this. but just yesterday I was bringing him home holding his little body in my arms. I can still smell his fresh baby smell and remember the feeling I got when he would hold my little finger during nursing sessions. so dependent on me. I was his whole world. he needed me. only me. and I needed him. I still need him....and each day he needs less of me. which is the goal right? raise an independent, healthy, happy boy. Parenting is a beautiful, crazy, and scary thing. I'm just along for the ride:) with all this being said I just want to wish my little one a happy happy and wonderful first birthday. your such a joy, Robert Joseph. You are loved far more than you could imagine. Your life is a blessing to us. And even though im a little sad....im excited to see you grow into a happy, healthy boy. Have a great day my love.
With Love....Mom.

Some of my favorite pictures from this year