Apple Picking 2018

Apple picking for our family is such a special time. Not only does it bring us together and allow us to spend family time together, but it also signifies the start of a new season; Holiday season! October is so fun b/c it kickstarts the three month long string of family fun and holiday festivities. For us, Apple picking has always been our favorite way to do this. This year just felt a little sweeter though. Maybe it was extra sweet because last year we missed the orchard due to my crazy schedule. Maybe it was because the relentless memphis heat finally gave way to fresh cool weather and all its Fall glory.  Or maybe it had to do with the fact that I am in grad school, pregnant, and had one of the hardest weeks of my life this past week. yeah.. I think that last one is it.


Rob turns 6!

Mom truth moment: This seriously might have been the quickest I have ever thrown together a birthday party for Rob. Between grad school and pregnancy, I have barely been able to catch my breath. I truly look forward to the month of September every year because I know my sweet boys birthday is right around the corner, but the expectation we mommas put on ourselves sometimes is just too much. I sometimes forget that my days as a SAHM are over and life now is all about managing expectations. Not that being a SAH was easy BY ANY MEANS, but I do sometimes miss those days where I could invest all my time and energy into these sweet moments. And honestly, I let it get to me way more than it probably should. 


SNAP challenge

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Hi Friends and Family!

A few of you may be aware, but for those that are not, I would like to remind you that the month of September is End World Hunger Month. Hunger in America is a devastating reality that quite a few families are faced with on a daily basis. These families are what we consider to be food insecure and are at high risk for many nutrition related diseases. According to the most recent data from the USDA, (1) food insecurities have decreased from 12.3% in 2016 to 11.8% in 2017. It is believed that programs such as the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has helped to alleviate food insecure homes by offering assistance to low-income individuals so that they can buy healthy foods despite financial burdens. However, SNAP recipients still have hurdles to overcome when trying to adhere to a nutritionally sound diet. Research shows that some SNAP recipients still struggle to meet important dietary requirements due to many factors including access to fresh fruits and vegetables as well as beliefs and attitudes surrounding the perception of ‘healthy food.’(2, 3) One way that all of us could help to bridge these gaps is by understanding what SNAP recipients go through when trying to purchase healthy foods on a budget. This is why my class will be partaking in the SNAP challenge! I strongly encourage and invite all of my friends and family to do this challenge with me. Doing so, will help give valuable insight into the challenges faced by food-insecure individuals.

Some general guidelines 

§  Each person should spend up to $4.50 per day for food and beverages during the challenge week, which is the average benefit for a SNAP recipient. All food purchased and eaten during the Challenge week, must be included in the total spending.
§  During the Challenge, only eat food that you purchase.
§  You can use coupons during the challenge
§  Households should not use SNAP benefits to buy:
       Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, or tobacco
       Any nonfood items, such as: pet foods, soaps, paper products, and household supplies.
       Vitamins and medicines
       Prepared foods at the point of purchase (rotisserie chicken, premade sandwiches, etc.
§  Try your best to adhere to the Dietary Guidelines represented by My Plate.

Other ways to get involved for Hunger Action Month

Visit Feeding Americas website to either donate, volunteer your time at a local food bank, or get in touch with a member of congress. Click HERE for the link.

Go to Produce for Kids and take the Power Your Lunchbox Promise. Every promise made through this website will result in a dollar donation to feeding america which help provide meals to local food banks to those in need. All that is required is that you make a promise to incorporate healthy lunch options into you and your family's everyday diet. That simple! :) Click HERE to access the link.