Vegan Pesto!

Most of the time when playing around in the kitchen it's a colossal fail. Then there are those other times when something actually quite decent turns out. This is one of those rare times! I needed to get lunch for my little, but groceries are a little scarce in our house right now. I've made basil pesto before, but I was missing some of the key ingredients- Olive oil and Parmesan cheese. However, I did have some nice frozen broccoli and kale in the freezer and some fresh basil in the garden. There had to be someway I could make some yummy pesto. I remembered a lady adding cashews to hers one time. So I grabbed my fresh raw cashews that I just bought at krogers and then also grabbed some coconut milk. These 4 simple ingredients made the most delicous, creamiest pesto I've ever had. I'm not a vegan by any means, but I would prefer this pesto over what I use to make any day. Using coconut milk instead of oil gave it, in my opinion, a smoother more flavorful taste. So if your interested in trying then here's the recipe!

1 bag of frozen organic broccoli 
1 bag of frozen organic kale
1 can of coconut milk (Goya brand from the kosher aisle in Kroger)
Himalayan salt 
Red pepper flakes 
Fresh basil 
Handful of raw organic cashews (Kroger or whole foods) 

Put first 5 ingredients in pot. Boil on medium high until veggies are nice and tender. Let cool, then throw mixture into a blender. Add basil and handful of cashews. Blend until desired consistency.  You can always add more coconut milk if it's too thick. 

I then just boiled some organic rotini noodles and tossed it all together. It was the most awesome feeling watching my little one devour his noodles. Little does he know, he's getting a hearty serving of veggies and heart healthy fats with each bite! I love being a sneaky mom:)