Giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving 2013.
November 28-29

Hey guys! I hope every one's thanksgiving was just as wonderful as ours. I tell ya now that I have my own family, holidays are so much more special. They always tell you with your first child how your world is going to change. I pictured dirty diapers and all nighters, but could have never of fathomed the endless joy our son has brought us! Technically this is robs 2nd Thanksgiving, but his first time eating turkey so we consider it his first. (makes sense, right??) And oh did he love it! That and all the other wonderful dishes our family slaved over to provide for us. I'm so thankful for each and every one of them. My family and my In-laws; They are all wonderful people. I'm truly blessed! 

  This year we started thanksgiving off at our house. well...sort of. Rob and I both slept in. (SCORE!)  The wise thing for me would have been to get up before him, but nope. I've learned over the year to take full advantage of those moments. ;)  Once awake, I turned on the Macy's day parade  and we both danced and stared at the television in awe. I'm such a kid at heart when it comes to things like this. Having my little guy right beside me made it even more magical:) We then headed off to my parents. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted with my family who have just doubled over the years! Almost all my siblings are married and with kids. Its so amazing to see how Gods grace has multiplied our family. He has and will always shower us with love- even in difficult times. 8 years ago, my brother Robert (Bobby)  passed away. I don't talk about it a lot simply because words cannot justify how it truly feels to lose someone you love. At dinner my dad gave a speech that brought us all to tears. He referenced 1 Thessalonians 5:18 which states
Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
My heart was convicted. I still to this day don't understand why my brother was taken away from us at such a young age..and that's OK. I don't believe God expects us to never mourn over the loss of a loved one, but he does ask us to trust in him. "For this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus for you." Who am I to question Gods will? We all have a time coming...every one of us will run out of time on this earth. But through Gods divine love and grace we are offered a chance at eternal life. Its the most amazing gift. I choose (and have reason) to believe that my brother is in heaven feasting with the Lord; Giving thanks to our Almighty God. My dad concluded the speech by saying "We are to be thankful for everything we have...and everything we no longer have." I no longer have my brother, but I'm so thankful for the time i did have with him, and even more thankful that I'm given a chance to  see him again and spend eternity with him and all my loved ones. My heart rejoices and knows peace because of this precious gift Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for in order for me to have! I'm thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ! Over the months I have seen on my facebook many deaths that have occurred this year. My heart is with everyone of you that have lost a loved one,  and that unfortunately know the pain I'm so familiar with. I plead with you to seek the Lord during this time. The only hope i can offer is the hope of Jesus Christ. Let him fill the hole in your heart left from an untimely death. I pray for peace and comfort for you. I pray for your life to be whole again. mine is.

After leaving my parents we then headed off to see my in-laws. Not only am I blessed with a great immediate family, but I'm also blessed with a wonderful family through marriage as well!! I think I subconsciously knew Cal was the one for me the moment I met his family. There was this comfort I had with them. It was like their home was my home. I'm so thankful to have them! and I'm so thankful my husband has them! His parents, like mine, are still married and going strong. what amazing examples we have!;) I love them!

So after all the yummy thanksgiving food and festivities were over, we then headed off bright and early to the Tree Farm! I say bright and early- but it was really noon. If any of you are like me, then you know noon is considered early! hehe. Thank goodness i have a son who likes to sleep in!!;) This was our first year buying a new tree, and gosh it was a lot of fun. I hope we turn this into a family tradition! :) we chose to go to cedar hill farms. Somebody I knew referred us to them and we loved it! I recommend going- at least for the experience!

*For the past couple years my sisters and I have been bringing our own dishes to contribute. I did corn casserole last year and this year, and man its so easy! And quite delicious!!:) for any new moms, or moms of young ones I highly recommend it!  click here for the recipe.*

Some pics that best illustrate our festivities!











Sweet Home Alabama!

We finally made it this weekend to visit my grandparents in Alabama. I've been wanting to make this trip for a while, but with me being in school and the hubby having a crazy work schedule- it was just really hard. But we made it! (Yayy!!) and gosh, it was a lot of fun! Some of the greatest memories I have as a child come from there. I mean seriously- I think I have the greatest grandparents that have ever graced this planet. ( I don't mean to brag- but I do;) they're wonderful. I'm so unbelievably blessed to still have them around for my son. I get to watch him make the same amazing memories that I made growing up. It's just beautiful :) so... With that being said... Here's some pics from the week!

              ^the moment we got there. They couldn't believe how good he was           

^^papa was so sweet. Such a kid at heart! He had so much fun playing with         him!^^

^^papa was on all fours chasing him around with a monkey mask on. You would never guess papas age by how he acts! Nothing slows him down- not even a rambunctious toddler!^^


^^ couldn't get enough of the window! ^

                 ^^ got his foot!!^^

^hehe! They were having so much fun!^

             ^^ Tackle papa! ^^

^^ Sweet Lauren stopped by! Love her!^^

^^ Mawmaw and Rob at the park! This woman has taught me some very important things in life. My sisters and I look up to her in so many ways! Love you! ^^

^^ he was so brave when going down these big boy slides. Definetely a proud mommy!^^

^^ wasn't in the car for 2 seconds before he knocked out! Thanks kid kingdom!:)^^

                ^^ hey cutie!:)^^

What a great weekend we had! I hope it was the same for everybody else! :)