2 Years.

2 years of marriage under our belt, and I still feel as though it all happened yesterday. They say that's a good thing. Every year, Cal and I have our ups and downs, but because of Gods Grace we always manage to see it through. I do not consider myself seasoned enough to be throwing out marriage advice, but if I have learned anything in 2 short years of marriage, it is that you have to learn to let things go. No brainer right? Cal lives by the quote.. "Never go to bed angry" I will not shut my eyes and drift off until that man gets a kiss and an I love you from me. Every time, no matter what!! While sometimes I get frustrated at him (I'm the type to hold grudges easily)  I realize how important that is. I'm so lucky to have a man who values me and our marriage over petty things. I can confidently say we have never truly gone to bed mad at each other. It's kind of hard to when your man demands a kiss and tells you he loves you every night. I'm weak, I give in easily ;) he's so good at making me feel special. He's the only man that can make me mad, yet make me laugh all at the same time. I don't know how he does it. And I'm not talking about one of those superficial giggles where you 'hehe' and 'haha' then it's done. It's more like one of those deep belly laughs that seeps into your soul, making you feel warm, and giddy, and just happy all over. Yeah one of those. Every time he makes me laugh like that it's over; I melt into his arms, and become all his- all over again. :) it works every time. Maybe that's the key to a succesful marriage? Hmm.. Don't know. Check back in another 50 years,
And I'll let you know :) Lord willing, of course. 

      Here's the laugh I'm talking about!

// My favorite quality of Calvin is his ability to let things go. 'Going with the flow' seems to be our theme in life! so many crazy things happened the day of our wedding: from the DJ not showing up due to his wife being in labor, our officiant choking up at the ceremony, and a million other things that all went "wrong." Yet that day was oh so right. Cal and I both look back at our wedding day and feel so blessed. We were surrounded by people we love, and more importantly, people that love and support us. Not to mention we were MARRIED! The best part of the whole thing ;) It was genuinely one of the best, most wonderful days of my life. I wouldn't have changed one thing. Not even the things that went wrong. It was perfectly imperfect! If I could offer any advice to any future bride, it would be to soak up, and enjoy every moment (good or bad) of your wedding day. Don't fret the unimportant things, and just let go all the things you can't change. Enjoy your new husband, and the company of those who love y'all most. Don't worry about perfection. Let life be messy, and let yourself be happy. You'll never regret any moment if you do so:) 


//2 years ago I got married. I ate a lot of cake, I danced and twirled around in a beautiful gown inside a lovely downtown loft. I cried and laughed. I loved: every moment. 

    Let life be messy, and let yourself be happy. 

// We sure lived by those words last night. Cal had planned a beautiful night downtown with a carriage ride taking us to a fancy restaurant. I was dressed head to toe for the occasion, wearing an Ivanka Trump dress, and my comfy/adorable Tory Burches. As soon as we park, the sky decided to fall down on top of us. Fortunately we had an umbrella, but it must have been one of my nephews because it barely covered one of us. We ended up inside city market, where cal bought a poncho (which he totally rocked!;) and we shared a smoothie while waiting for the storm to pass. It never did by the way. It just 'lightened' up some. Sooo, we vetoed the fancy restuaraunt. (We weren't feeling so fancy at the time) And decided to try a new place on S. Main Street. So we walked in the rain, happy as a lark we were!  Cal kept apologizing for things not going "right". I smiled, and explained how everything was happening just the way it's suppose suppose to. We even passed some kids playing in the middle of Main Street splashing water. We were tempted to join them;) 

We ended up eating at Pearl Oyster House. A not so fancy, but oh so delicious restaurant! We sat at the bar in our fancy clothes,  drinking beer, and shucking oysters. We got a couple funny looks, but what's life without those? ;) we had a great time needless to say. And just like I wouldn't change anything about our wedding day,  I also wouldn't change anything about our anniversary, or these two year of marriage for that matter. Everything has been beautiful, imperfect, and lovely. I can't complain. I owe it all to The Lord for blessing me and Calvin. For taking the mess out of our lives and turning it into a beautiful masterpiece. God is good. All the time! 
I love you Calvin. I'm happy to spend the rest of my life with you, and I'm ready to take on these next years with you by my side. 


Snippets of summer.. So far.

It makes it a little hard to complain when your summer consists of random outings, zoo trips, and a few splash  pads here and there. Summer has really been good to us so far, and I couldn't be happier. I'm so excited  to see what else is in store for my little family! Whatever it may be, my camera (iPhone) is now empty, and ready to document. You can never have too many photos, Contrary to what my husband believes. There is just no such thing in my book! ;) Hehe
I hope everyone's summer is going as good as ours. Have fun and stay cool!