Cedar Hill Farms.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Today I will be enjoying my family while celebrating the resurrection of my Savior, Jesus Christ.
Oh, how my heart is happy

clinging to the hope of Jesus Christ and feeling humbled at his feet. He is My all in all. The one who laid down his life for an underserving sinner like me. Thank you, Lord. 

Cedar Hill Farms.

Here are some pics from yesterday. My sweet sister and mother-in law took rob and I to Cedar Hill Farms for some fun Easter activities. It was a gorgeous day! Rob loved every bit of it. we had a little trouble near the end when he had only a 12 egg limit during the egg hunt. Seriously, how do you explain to a two year old only 12 eggs when 5,000 are in front of him?? lol. We never really got the concept through his head, but instead taught him that throwing some into the open field was just as fun! Ha, whatever works!

Thanks for such an amazing time! and kudos to aunt lee lee for this awesome outfit and Easter basket. It seriously couldn't have been any cuter! :)