Brooks Museum with Lindsey.

This spring break is turning out to be one of the best I think I've had. Which is quite comical considering I'm a stay at home mom, and 'spring break' doesn't really mean much for me anymore. ;) It does mean, however, that a lot of my friends are able to come home from school/work. Lindsey is an Aviation Major at Delta State. She is currently working on her masters and will graduate this summer,  all while holding down three jobs as well!  Yeah, I'm pretty positive she is going to solve all the worlds problems one day. ha! (just saying) She also has the kindest heart of anybody I know. She has what I call a Servants attitude. This girl is always willing to help and care for others; Giving her self selflessly to those around! Such an example. Thanks for being awesome Linds! The extra arms were such a help today. Oh, and the extra brain was kind of nice too. It sure beats my ole tired, worn out 'mommy brain' :) hehe- We had a blast!!
^^Aint she a doll?^^


                                         ^^ not really my favorite painting, but I still loved the shot^^