Chalk Wall Complete.


Yay! Our Chalk Wall is finally complete, and I couldn't be more happy! I think you can tell we have been enjoying it, Especially little Rob who has delightfully been adding his artistic skills. ;) Seriously this wall would be nothing without his sweet little touches. Whenever we tell him to go write on the wall, his eyes widen , and he does this most adorable prance of excitement over to the wall. he just loves it! And we love seeing him enjoying it so much. I plan on adding some final touches over the next couple weeks or so, but for now this will do:)  oh and please ignore the kitchen hutch in the corner. It is next on our list of things to do!

The final steps of the chalk wall were fairly easy, just time consuming. After the painting process we had to let the paint cure for 3 days. After letting set, we had to 'season' the chalk paint. By seasoning the chalk paint, your allowing the wall to be used more than once. For more details click Here and Here. These were two websites I used to help guide me along the way. I also used pinterest as inspiration which was really great! Of course:)

                            here's a couple more pics of the wall...and of breakfast:)


Grayson Ford.

I LOVED taking these pics of my sweet nephew. I just love being around him and my niece  period. I've truly been blessed with the sister I have, but even more blessed to have one of my sisters share the journey of motherhood with me. After both of us having our first babies around the same time, we grew closer and developed a bond even stronger! You know how they say it takes a village to raise a baby?? Well it does. Or lets put it this way... it certainly doesn't hurt;) Rob and I could be up all night with a stinky cold and fever, but all is good in the world, because I know my sis is only a phone call away! Ready to offer advice, tips, comfort, and support. She's there for me as I try to be for her. It's so amazing,  And trust me when I say I don't take it for granted. It's one of those blessings that keep me humbled and in complete awe of my Heavenly Father. Having sisters is amazing, and I absolutely love being an aunt to all her 5 children:) I love them all so very much!

The photo shoot didn't go as planned. I arrived late (as usual) and we ended up having 2 toddlers (tired and fussy) parading around, begging for some attention, so we had to call it quits early. I'm still in love with the ones we got though. They really showcase the beauty of my sisters family. My sis is one heck of a mom! Being her little sister, I look up to her in so many ways, and motherhood is no exception. Her little girl is the happiest, smartest little one I know. I love the way she looks at Grayson with just complete adoration. There's a tenderness to her most will overlook when giving a first impression. She's spunky and wild, but has a heart of gold. Obviously I don't know much about Grayson's personality because all he does right now is eat, sleep, and poop. But I can testify he is one of the most beautiful babies I've seen! Ugh.. Seriously I could eat him up! So let me warn you in adavance. For those of you with an extreme case of baby fever, I strongly advise you all to leave this page and never look back. Cause this little guy will melt you to butter! That's just my (biased) opinion;)



Chalk Wall.

So I've been wanting one of these (chalk wall) for quite some time. I first saw the idea on one of my  favorite bloggers page, and I just fell in love! I mean seriously, I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I immediately began pinning photos for more inspiration, and just kept falling more and more in love with the idea. SO...next step was talking the hubs into it. Which to my surprise he wasn't opposed at all! whaa?? I mean don't get me wrong, I consider my guy to be fairly open to my crazy minded ideas. But letting me paint a whole wall in our kitchen black earned him some major brownie points!:)
We both decided today would be the best day. He didn't have to work, and my parents could watch Rob for us while we did the (not-so) toddler friendly parts. It started off with sanding the rough places on our wall. Which was actually a little tough considering our house is really old, and has been painted over many times. ugh. we sanded as good as we could then moved on. Next step was to remove an old phone jack that has literally been bolted into the wall for 24 years. Not that much fun either. My poor husband ended up cutting the whole section completely and replacing it with new drywall. (which is the big hole you will see in the pictures, and what he is working on above) Obviously this is a step most people will be able to skip, thank goodness:) Finally, it was time to tape and paint! And as of now this is the finished product... Voila! This is obviously no where near finished, but its definitely a step in the right direction:) We hope to have it done by the end of this week, in which I will blog the final steps and the finished product. Stay tuned!
I Cant Wait!
^^Such a hardworker.^^
^^just a glimpse at our next project!^^
                               ^^ Is it bad our pizza guy knows our name and address by heart?;)^^

^^Mid-pizza chew^^