Chalk Wall Complete.


Yay! Our Chalk Wall is finally complete, and I couldn't be more happy! I think you can tell we have been enjoying it, Especially little Rob who has delightfully been adding his artistic skills. ;) Seriously this wall would be nothing without his sweet little touches. Whenever we tell him to go write on the wall, his eyes widen , and he does this most adorable prance of excitement over to the wall. he just loves it! And we love seeing him enjoying it so much. I plan on adding some final touches over the next couple weeks or so, but for now this will do:)  oh and please ignore the kitchen hutch in the corner. It is next on our list of things to do!

The final steps of the chalk wall were fairly easy, just time consuming. After the painting process we had to let the paint cure for 3 days. After letting set, we had to 'season' the chalk paint. By seasoning the chalk paint, your allowing the wall to be used more than once. For more details click Here and Here. These were two websites I used to help guide me along the way. I also used pinterest as inspiration which was really great! Of course:)

                            here's a couple more pics of the wall...and of breakfast:)