Lovely Midtown Saturday

wow its been a while since I last blogged. I've missed it. Life is set on that supersonic speed again and I'm barely keeping up. Classes started back up and ummm..well...it was a rough two weeks.. ill just leave it at that. blah. But life is still good! Thanks to my sweet best friend who decided to spend almost her whole Saturday with me and little guy. She tagged along with us at the farmers market, and then we drove to Overton Square where we indulged in a lovely brunch from Lafayette's. That place is seriously becoming one of my favorite Saturday morning go to spots. Its so chill....and I need some chill in my life right now. ha. Rob is also super entertained there because of the awesome live bands which means I get to relax even more!:) oh, and the food is kind of the bomb too. ;)

After that we walked around the square a little and decided to try the new art project shop. Its soo cool! Its vibrant colors catch your eyes right away. They have all kind of structured activities set up for littles and then some free play as well. If any mommas are reading this, I totally recommend that you check it out. Its too cool not to try just once.

So that was our day in a nutshell. I wish I could write so much more but my eyelids are like bricks right now. My body is sore and my mind feels like its about to explode from all the information I just crammed into it during my last study session. I also just happen to have a very important meeting with my pillow that I promised I wouldn't be late for.. not tonight anyways ;) Goodnight! zzzz
Some more pics