Date night with the blues.

My husband just randomly had a hankerin for some blues, So we ended up planning a random date night at bb kings. We had no idea who was playing at first, but as we walked in, all we could hear was free by zac brown being sung by a young guy. We were like..No way. Seriously, if you know us, then you know that is our song. That was the song playing when we fell in love, the song that cal played when he proposed, etc. We were Will Tucker fans right away:) hehe! But seriously, the kid could sing and play some guitar. His band was exactly what we were looking for that night. It couldn't have been more perfect:) I'm really loving these date nights with my man. Dating my husband is the coolest thing ever.. I just can't get enough! 


So long 2014!

Adios 2014! It sure has been a good one. I have so many wonderful memories of this year, that my heart could just explode thinking about them. Not that everything was perfect, but who cares about the bad ones?;) I understand pain and struggle are necessary and relevant to who we are, but its so important for me to focus on the good in a year instead of the bad. And I'm so thankful I'm one of those annoying people who have their camera around 24/7 because half this stuff I wouldn't remember if it wasn't for my pictures. Cal always gives me such a hard time about taking too many photos, but I know he will appreciate it one day- Like when Robs GROWN. Yikes! thankfully that's a million years away.

2014 was a wonderful year as my husband and I took on (and accomplished) many new projects. In January I started working back at my old job, sugarplums. I only work one day a week, but its enough to enjoy the company of the sweetest ladies around and to buy some cute clothes!:) Then in February we made another semi-big decision: After going back and forth about a chalk wall in our kitchen we finally did it, and ummm.. we adore it! I seriously don't know why we didn't do it sooner. Its my favorite part in the house. We also made a couple trips to Alabama to see my grandparents and stay at the cabin. (IM SOO looking forward to more cabin trips this year!) We also decided to start a garden. something we had been wanting to do for a long time, but just never did. It was a success! (for the most part anyway.) I cant wait to use what I learned this past year for our next one this summer. I have some great things planned for our little garden:) Then there was some other small things like me turning 24, rob turning 2, and cal turning 28. My Best friend got married..other friends had babies..other friends started their careers, etc. However, One of the biggest decisions we made this year was for me to go back to school. I always thought I would go back right away and finish my nursing degree, but after much consideration, and by Gods will,  I have decided to pursue dietetics. I am both excited and nervous. Im excited because for the first time in my education or 'college career' I am at peace with what Im actually doing. Ive always loved nutrition, I just lacked the confidence to pursue it when I was younger. Im nervous because being a wife and a mother is all Ive know these past two years, and those titles are the most important thing to me. I worry deeply about finding a good balance between school and mother/wife hood. Any advice is appreciated!

Sooo with that being said, I know what my new years resolution is: To give all I have to everything I do, and when Im done giving, Ill give some more. That's either the simplest new years resolution or the most daunting! Ha! I dont know, but God has put the deepest urge in my heart to work harder than ever before. Its weird, because usually I tell myself to take more time for myself , but I feel like taking care of me first is so easy. Too easy.  Taking care of our own flesh is natural. I want to be better at serving others this year. I also could work on my patience in 2015; Patience with my husband, patience with my son, and patience with myself. So once again, prayers and advice are both welcomed and appreciated:)

I wish everyone the best in the new year, and that all your goals and dreams are accomplished! 

Happy 2015!!