Snow Day!

Snow Day.
Dec 29, 2013.
^^ It snowed today! not a lot, but just enough for this guy to go out and explore for a few minutes:)^^
^^ he was just too darn cute!^^
^^AHH! I could gobble him up!^^
^^ All Smiles:)^^
SNOWW!!!! I love snow; like love! I would live in a snow globe if I could. :) Unfortunately being in the south we don't get a lot of it. But when we do- I take advantage! Even though it lasted a total of maybe 20 minutes, I'm still grateful for what we got.  Crazy thing is last year it snowed like this right after Christmas as well! Rob, however, was only 3 months. I am beyond grateful it snowed again this year so he could actually play! it was so cute watching him trying to figure out what it was. At one point he even stuck his tongue out ( A little something mommy showed him!;)
Oh Rob, your such a joy. I pray God has many many more snowy winters in store for us!
Happy 2nd Snow Day baby! xoxo
Pics from last year (around the same time!)

^^ barely 3 months. I love him so.^^


A Very Very Merry Christmas!

A short film made out of some of the home videos from this past Christmas. It was a magical one! :) our very first Christmas in our own home. Rob is still a little too young to understand everything, but you can tell in the first 5 seconds of this video he had some idea! ;)  As soon as cal came home from the station he woke both of us up. And despite what I thought (he does not like getting up before 7:30) ....little man was all smiles! it was the sweetest thing in the world, and so beautiful for me and Calvin to experience. Children change everything. Our hearts are complete because of this little guy. I hope everybody had a Very Very Merry Christmas like we did! And an even greater new year:)

*song is Kelly Clarkson "Underneath the Tree" from her new album Wrapped in Red.
For some reason this song remained my little's favorite tune this season! It calmed temper tantrums, fussy car rides, etc. No matter what-if this song came on my little guy was going to clap, stomp, and shake his bum till dawn!  it worked like magic... it wouldn't be right if I didn't use it;)



So I used to be a pet mom. Cal and I had two beautiful golden retrievers. Higgins, cals dog, who was about 7 when we started dating, and Clark; my dog. On our first date Calvin took me out to Amerigos for dinner. I still remember him coming to pick me up:) I blush and giggle when I think about it! He was so nervous!! And I thought it was just too cute. He made me feel special. I don't think he really knows this, but he gave me butterflies the whole night.  his company alone was enough to warm my heart,  and eventually win it over ;) after we finished eating we decided to take a little stroll down the street. There was an Ice Cream shop a little ways down, and of course I had to have some! Out of nowhere, while walking down the street, this man takes authority and grabs my hand. [major blushing going on!!] I tell him to this day how many brownie points he earned with that move;) We then began engaging in playful banter. Flirting and talking about silly things, and you know, all that gushy mushy stuff "newborn" lovebirds do. He asked me..." if You had a million bucks what would you buy?"  Immediately, without hesitation I shouted the first thing that came to mind. "A PUPPY!" giddy and smiling from the inside out at the thought of a fluffy puppy rolling around was enough to consume my thoughts, and not even notice Cals instant reaction. He said.." A puppy?" I turned, and once I saw the look on his face I snapped right back into reality. I realized how stupid that must have sounded, so I kind of slumped down in slight embarrassment. Then the best thing in the world happened. He chuckled, and swooped me up in his arms:) apparently, he thought it was adorable. (Thank goodness! Cause that would have been awkward!!) and it must have worked, because approximately 6 months later I was holding the fluffiest, sweetest, most adorable puppy in my arms. His name was Clark. :)
          Clark was an amazing dog. He caught on quickly, he was gentle, and had such a wonderful temperament. I always referred to him as my "Gentle Giant." I remember bringing him home from the puppy farm- I literally held him like a baby the whole way home. And he stayed like that! Didn't move! lol- which is impressive for a 10 week old puppy! Then I layed down on the bed with him, and we snuggled. He put his head on my neck and fell asleep. It was pure bliss! :) he was my little baby... Until Robert Joseph came into this world. Then everything I once knew changed... My whole world flipped upside down, in such a beautiful way:) 
(My favorite pic of all time. Messy hair, swollen man hands, puffy nose with a thermometer sticking out of my mouth. It's the very first time I got to hold my son. Where I can I sign up to re-live this!??)

Back to the story.  (sorry, it's very easy for me to lose track and start talking about my kid!) The decision to give Clark away was a hard one, but the right one. All during my pregnancy we talked in excitement about how Rob and Clark were gonna be the best of buds! Like you see in the movies, you know! We'll.. Things don't always go as planned. 
Clark didn't adjust well to our new way of life. He started showing signs of stress. He began wreaking havoc in our home and neighborhood. He was doing things that he was trained not to do! I would be in the nursery trying to calm a colicky 5lb baby when I would get a knock on the door. It was the neighbors informing me my dog got out again and was in the yard. I was so stressed. Not just because I had a colicky baby in my arms and a dog who couldn't seem to get it together, but because it was the first time I realized that it just might not work:/ deep down I just knew Clark wasn't happy.  The final straw was when he peed and pooped in the nursery. Yep. I guess that was his way of telling me how he felt about our new addition. And I got the message plain and clear. Called my best friend, who loves Clark, to pick him up and take care of him for a few weeks. Enough time for me to scrub the house down with Lysol, and for my husband to fix the fence and fill the holes in our backyard left from Clark's tenacious digging. What happened after that was nothing short of a miracle. We called my friend (a month later) to tell her we were ready for him back, but God had other plans. Karissa has taken Clark on many occasions for me and Cal before, usually for vacations etc.   This time was different though. Her sweet Aunt Debbie fell in love with him. She needed him. Karissa began telling me how Clark has changed their lives. They bathed him every night, took him to the park and for walks every day. Aunt Debbie even comes home during lunch break sometimes to eat lunch with him! God revealed so plainly after our phone conversation what needed to be done. I love Clark, and of course we wanted to keep him. But keeping him would have been one of the most selfish things I could have ever done. Nobody would have benefited from us keeping him, not even Clark.  My heart was heavy, but now it rejoices! Even though Clark was a dog, God knew how much he meant to me so he took care of him. Clark lives in a house full of pretty women who snuggle and love all over him from dusk till dawn! ;) he eats and sleeps like a king, it's crazy! I joke with my husband that he has it better than any of us. And I'm more than ok with that. :) love you, Clark. Thank you for bringing joy to us, and for all the great memories. They will be cherished forever. Your a great dog. By far the best. Take care of my sweet friends! 

    Your old Mom;) 

       My first winter as a pet mom:) 


Date night :)

                       Date night. 
                    Dec 5th, 2013.

So tonight we had a date! About time. The day was a little rough there for a minute. Between icy cold weather, a sick babe, and finals- me and my guy definitely needed some one on one time. Even if it was just for 30 min at a coffee shop. It was a lovely evening:) we strolled down the street with our hot cocoa in hand, a new hat on my head that sweetie bought, and each other. For the first 10 minutes we didn't say anything;Just enjoyed the silence;) then we began talking about our dreams, and let me tell ya, this man just constantly surprises me! I'm so lucky to have a man who is willing to take time out of his busy work schedule to focus on me; On us. Our marriage is important to him, and I'm so thankful for that.  It's also pretty cool how he supports my dreams and aspirations, no matter how crazy they get! 
    It's nights like tonight I just can't stop imagining our life in the city! Yes, I said the city:) like, the heart of the city! I'm in love. Where if me and the hubs wanted to take a 30 min walk we would see nothing but lights, and caf├ęs, and feel the romantic energy that city life has to offer. A place where my little would grow up and be cultured. Where beautiful parks would be in walking distance of each other. Not to mention all the beautiful museums, libraries, children activities, oh and the food! I would probably just eat my way through the city everyday. And that's ok- cause I would just walk it off ;) Growing up my mom would tell me stories of her life in New York City. As a little girl she would follow my grandfather to work everyday on a subway. Then head off to the local bagel shop right down the street, and then maybe the park right around the corner. I don't know... It just entices me. And from the few times I've been to the city, I've just been in love;) aahhh... A girl can dream right? ;) we'll good cause that's what I'm doing. And the best part?! My husbands dreaming with me. Or maybe he just loves me so much he nodds his head and smiles to make me think we're on the same page. Which is still pretty cool;) gosh- I love this man!! 

*Photo cred: my adorable husband. He randomly shot this pic, and while I'm not really of fan of pics by myself I couldn't help but notice the 'snow' outside the window. At least it looked like snow.  oh and it's kind of the only pic we took of the night so yea.