Date night :)

                       Date night. 
                    Dec 5th, 2013.

So tonight we had a date! About time. The day was a little rough there for a minute. Between icy cold weather, a sick babe, and finals- me and my guy definitely needed some one on one time. Even if it was just for 30 min at a coffee shop. It was a lovely evening:) we strolled down the street with our hot cocoa in hand, a new hat on my head that sweetie bought, and each other. For the first 10 minutes we didn't say anything;Just enjoyed the silence;) then we began talking about our dreams, and let me tell ya, this man just constantly surprises me! I'm so lucky to have a man who is willing to take time out of his busy work schedule to focus on me; On us. Our marriage is important to him, and I'm so thankful for that.  It's also pretty cool how he supports my dreams and aspirations, no matter how crazy they get! 
    It's nights like tonight I just can't stop imagining our life in the city! Yes, I said the city:) like, the heart of the city! I'm in love. Where if me and the hubs wanted to take a 30 min walk we would see nothing but lights, and caf├ęs, and feel the romantic energy that city life has to offer. A place where my little would grow up and be cultured. Where beautiful parks would be in walking distance of each other. Not to mention all the beautiful museums, libraries, children activities, oh and the food! I would probably just eat my way through the city everyday. And that's ok- cause I would just walk it off ;) Growing up my mom would tell me stories of her life in New York City. As a little girl she would follow my grandfather to work everyday on a subway. Then head off to the local bagel shop right down the street, and then maybe the park right around the corner. I don't know... It just entices me. And from the few times I've been to the city, I've just been in love;) aahhh... A girl can dream right? ;) we'll good cause that's what I'm doing. And the best part?! My husbands dreaming with me. Or maybe he just loves me so much he nodds his head and smiles to make me think we're on the same page. Which is still pretty cool;) gosh- I love this man!! 

*Photo cred: my adorable husband. He randomly shot this pic, and while I'm not really of fan of pics by myself I couldn't help but notice the 'snow' outside the window. At least it looked like snow.  oh and it's kind of the only pic we took of the night so yea.