Midtown Mondays!

 This week in midtown my sis and I decided to try a German restaurant in overton square called Schweinehaus. I've been eyeballing this place for a while, and have actually been really excited to try it. The main reason I started 'Midtown Mondays' was to become familiar with our local businesses and restaurants here in Memphis. Contrary to what some believe, this city actually has a lot to offer! This little segment of my blog is my way to share some of its awesomeness.  I love nothing more than supporting these people who follow their dreams by creating the coolest places for our town. Break the Chain. Eat Local. Seriously. What I also love is that  people here are bringing different cultures to this city. Food is so cool in the sense that it brings people together and can sometimes bridge those cultural gaps. Now  I'm not saying that eating Indian or German cuisine from time to time will make you an expert on their cultures, but its definitely a good way to get acquainted with them. Not everyone can travel. Its definitely not easy for us right now, so whenever a little bit of the world is brought here to my hometown, you bet I'm on board to try!


We decided to start it off with a good brew. You cant go to a german restaurant without getting a beer, right? I ordered their dark beer. It had a rich hoppy flavor but was so smooth. I wish I could remember the name. I can say it was the first on the beer menu. I hope that helps! ha! Yes- dark beers have more calories, but they also have more antioxidants and are completely ok in moderation. plus, they just taste better in my opinion!

Now this beauty^^ is what they call a brezel. Kat and I ordered it as an appetizer. Oh my lanta...so rich and buttery and served with the best dipping sauces ever. The yellow is a beer cheese sauce, and the other is called 'schweinehaus mustard' I picked up hints of horseradish in this one so if that's not your thing then you probably wont like it. But if your like me then it will be heaven in your mouth! Especially if its double dipped with the cheese sauce. they kind of balance each other out:)

This is my schweinehaus burger. This bad boy was right on point! Kraut, Bacon, Pickwick Cheddar, Arugula, Maple Whole Grain Aioli, and a Brioche Bun are the ingredients in this beauty. In order to make it more calorie friendly, I just took off the top bun and ate it open faced. that was it. Oh and I only ate half. That's my general rule of thumb whenever eating out. Oldest trick in the book, yet most effective.
This was my sisters. She ordered the schweinehaus special, A pork sandwich. The pork was kind of cubed and cooked just right. It also had onions, bacon and braised kale. served with cheesy grits. sooo good!!
Sista Sistas! I really love doing midtown with her. If only we could steal our other sis on Mondays! Oh and if you look real close, you can see the most stunning communal tables. Just another thing that I loved about this restaurant :) again, If your not up for sitting next to strangers from time to time, this might not be your thing. (ex..my dad! he's older and enjoys his space) but I actually found it kind of cool. What an easy way to meet new people! ha!

So that's schweinehaus in a nutshell. My sis and I were so impressed with this place that we have already named it our new local spot. There is so many other things on the menu I really cant wait to try! It wasn't just the food though that made this place so enjoyable. The atmosphere and servers were friendly and inviting- Something Im really learning to appreciate when dining out. They were also knowledgeable about their menu which is really nice when trying a new food for the first time. I genuinely appreciated that. thanks schweinehaus!

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