Conversations with Rob.

Rob- "I want treat" (pointing to empty box) Cal- "sorry bud. they're all out."
Rob-(grabs box) "Uh Oh. Daaaad." Cal starts giggling. "Its not funny dad! Its not funny when all my treats are gone." Haha! No its not rob, Ill do better:)
There was this one day I was trying to study. I was in our back room. Cal took rob to the living room to give me some private reading time, but left Amos with me. It wasn't but 5 minutes later that I heard tiny little footsteps sneaking down the hallway to where I was. I then hear the door open and there rob is, peeking his little head through. He gave me the "shhh" sign and proceeded to 'whisper yell' to Amos. "come on Amos! get out here Amos!!"  As amos walks out rob says.."good boy amos, good boy."  Then walks out and right before he closed the door he says.. "you ok, mama? I wud you."
(insert here all heart emojis as possible!) Thank you for looking out for me rob. I wud you too!!
Speaking of Amos:
"Amos my best friend."
5 sec later...
"no he not my friend."
"Amos be still..I need hold you!"
whenever Amos barks... "zip it boy! zip it"
"amos I need to cuddle on you!"
  Amos has been quite the trooper when it comes to life with an overly rambunctious toddler. I gotta give it to him!
One day when I was sick I was laying in bed shivering. Rob sees me and says.. "mama you cold??" I said.. "yeah baby. a little." He goes.. "Okay, I get you towel!" He then runs to the bathroom looking for a towel. They were all gone, but this little guy did not give up. He ran to Cal and said... "daddy wheres towel...Mommy cold!!" Cal told him they were being washed, but he didn't care. He grabbed a tiny baby towel from one of his old drawers and gave it to me. I thanked him a bunch and gave him kisses. He then says..."okay, go seep mom." What I would do with a baby towel in that moment was completely irrelevant. When your toddler goes out of his way to make sure your warm, NOTHING else matters. XOXO
Cal-  "You so silly Rob." After rob does something goofy.  Rob- " No, You don't say that. I not silly, you silly!"
The other night as Cal was tending to the fire in our fire place.
Cal- "we have to have this fire to keep us warm.
Rob- as he giggles..."you just make no sense dad."
Haha! I about fell over when he said that one. Theres no telling where he picks this stuff up, but its so much fun having him talk to us. Hes either testing our patience with his quick wits, or making us fall on the floor from laughing too hard. Either way Im blessed and enjoying this season of motherhood. 
Youre so smart, Rob! We love you to the moon and back!