Valentines Day Fun.

This Valentines was a special one. Family days like this have been a little hard to come by now that Im back in school. Even on those gorgeous days where we do get out, Im still on a bench off to the side somewhere finishing and reading assignments. blah. That has definitely been the hardest part about going back to school. Ive been so spoiled as a stay at home for two years, that trying to re-adjust to this new lifestyle has been a little daunting, both physically and emotionally. But God is good to me, and his grace has never been more visible in my life than it is right now. He has been doing some incredible things for our family, and no matter what he has planned for us, my heart will rejoice.. I have some huge decisions to make here soon that Im not quite ready to talk about. A precious opportunity has presented itself, and I kindly ask for prayers that God gives me more clarity on the right decision. My heart is just still a little torn.

Back to valentines day! Look at those cuties^^. Im so glad to call them mine!:) I decided on this day that I would put all books away, and focus completely on these two loves of my life. (oh and amos too!:)  Im so glad I did, because It totally helped me to see why Im even going back to school in the first place. I just love them with all my heart. Watching them play.. hearing them laugh...and even the temper tantrums are more enjoyable on wonderful days like this. And that's saying a lot...because little mans tantrums can get pretty ugly. A fellow mommy friend once asked if Rob turned into Oscar the grouch when he missed a nap like her kid. I said...Oscar the grouch? that's cute. Try hurricane Katrina!! haha! but for reals. were working on it! Despite the occasional tantrums, he actually is the kindest, most tender hearted soul to ever grace this earth. He cares so much about others, and has a natural desire to serve. He will come to your rescue in a heartbeat if you need it. I pray Im what it takes to guide and help shape those amazing qualities of his so that he can do great things for this world one day. A mother can only hope and pray. And then there's my husband. He has pretty bad tantrums too. (kidding kidding, hehe!) But his love for us two just amazes me everyday. Im so unbelievably blessed to say I have a husband who supports me the way this man does. I couldn't, without a doubt, even attaempt school if I didn't have him. The amount of love and support that is poured out by him during the times I need it most is unreal. Hes a good man. period.

Now.. for what we did! We started the day off at the farmers market in midtown. Seriously, if you haven't been you should. We buy all our meat and dairy there because its all local and organic. Oh...And like delicious. They serve fresh breakfast and all other kinds of goodies. I think I might just blog soon about what we actually get from there, because its just that good. Oh and they also occasionally bring their farm animals, so the kids just have a grand time. Unitl you pull them away, and then the infamous hurricane Katrina tantrum ensues. but oh well. :) After the farmers market we headed to overton square so Cal could try the new belly acres restaurant that Ive been raving about. We then played some corn hole in the square, then packed up and headed to the park. :) It was a stunningly gorgeous day that couldn't have been more perfect if we tried.

snippets from the day