FNCE 2016

I became acquainted with FNCE a year ago when a friend of mine in the program attended the year before in Nashville. She came back wide eyed with all these wonderful stories. I immediately told cal I wanted to go the next year so we started planning. I can't believe the time has already come and gone but I had the greatest time with some pretty cool people! There was so much to do in such a short amount of time that I feel as though my head is still spinning. Im just now getting it back on straight so bear with me as i try to recap as much as possible ;)


Apple Picking

Its that time of year again!  One of my favorite traditions that we have kept going strong for the past three years is apple picking. Its the best way to start off the fall season in my opinion! :)


Camping (take two!)

No better way to bring in October than with a camping trip. We wanted to give it another shot since our last attempt ended up with us packing our bags in the middle of the night and heading home due to the unfortunate timing of the stomach bug. Rob was so sick that night. He overheard us talking on the way home about how it could have just been the marshmallows (he kept stuffing them in his mouth behind our backs while we were making smores) so this time around he wouldn't even touch them! haha It may be a little while before he ever learns to trust a marshmallow again.