Camping (take two!)

No better way to bring in October than with a camping trip. We wanted to give it another shot since our last attempt ended up with us packing our bags in the middle of the night and heading home due to the unfortunate timing of the stomach bug. Rob was so sick that night. He overheard us talking on the way home about how it could have just been the marshmallows (he kept stuffing them in his mouth behind our backs while we were making smores) so this time around he wouldn't even touch them! haha It may be a little while before he ever learns to trust a marshmallow again.

Im so glad we decided to give it another shot. I may be covered in ( what i hope ) is mosquito bites and have bags under my eyes the size of mars, but I wouldn't trade this time with my family for the world. I know it sounds cliche when i rant about the precious family time but it really is just that. Nothing makes my heart happier than when we pick rob up from school and his face lights up when we tell him were going camping. Seeing his enthusiasm for the outdoors is everything to us.  However,  He won't be this little forever and i know the day will come when he realizes mom and dad really aren't the coolest. and thats ok. He's allowed to grow up. Im just trying to make sure I soak in as much as I can while he still is convinced otherwise. ;)

Some of my favorite moments:
1- walking the trails. The weather was perfect. amos and i even got a nice jog in!
2- Rob pretending to be a race car. He would hold his hands out and zoom right past me exclaiming 
"I'm a race car!" It was adorable
3- Rob pretending to be a puppy halfway through the trail. He got on all fours and walked like a dog. It took us some time to get where we were going, but we eventually made it:) 
4- Amos protecting rob while he slept in the tent. That dog is gold, y'all. He loves us and always is looking out for us
5- Amos snuggling with me in the morning after staying up all night barking his head off at who knows what. Poor thing couldnt calm down enough to sleep. 
6- Rob and his imagination using whatever he could find to make boats, cars, firetrucks, etc. There is a picture of a tree stump down below of a 'firetruck' rob made with sticks. I don't care what anyone thinks. The fact that rob spent a considerable amount of time and explained to me in detail what each stick was made it the coolest firetruck i had ever seen. Rob, I hope you always keep your bright imagination and continue to make beautiful things with whatever God gives you. You do my heart good. 

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