Apple Picking

Its that time of year again!  One of my favorite traditions that we have kept going strong for the past three years is apple picking. Its the best way to start off the fall season in my opinion! :)

One of my favorite things about apple picking is watching the excitement in robs face when we pull up to the orchard. Every year he lights up at the sight of this place and then starts kicking while exclaiming.."were here, were here!" I love that he enjoys doing stuff like this. His little heart finds so much joy in the small things which i find to be truly inspiring. Its also fun watching him actually pick the apples. I don't know if its this age or what but he takes everything SO serious right now! lol. I mean, its kind of adorable but sometimes i just want to tell him to chill a little bit and relax. Them apples aint going anywhere, bud! As soon as we got there he was on a mad dash to hoard as many as he could as if the apple monster was right behind us trying to wipe out the entire orchard. haha. (So sad i didn't get that on video!) We really had a good time though. And now that we have way too many apples, I'm gonna have to start looking in to some good apple pie recipes! ;) 

Happy Fall Break!

Some more pics

he was excited that he got part of the tree with it. lol

photo courtesy to Rob! :)

Ill let you guess who took this picture;)