Tree Farm 2014

So we started this tradition last year of buying a real tree for Christmas. We have to wait until after thanksgiving to get it, which is always a lot harder for me than it is for Calvin, but I manage;) Its totally worth it. Nothing is more magical than being at a tree farm with the aroma of fresh pine in the air, especially after a day of feasting on delicious food. Its starting to become my favorite tradition yet. Rob loved it this year, because we had to ride on a trailer being pulled by a tractor out to the trees. He screamed... 'ohhhh tractor tractor....I RIDE TRACTOR!" the whole time. it was so cute! He also really loved the choo choo train ride they had. (This kid lives for anything with a motor!) What I love most about this is the family bonding time- Im kind of huge on that. Chasing Rob through the endless aisles of trees, picking out the perfect one to go in our home, and us holding his hand while we wander aimlessly through the fields, are the moments I will cherish forever in my heart. (I live for these moments!) It was such a beautiful day too which made the experience even better. Im already looking forward to next year...only 360 more days to go, but whos counting? ;) hehe!

A few pics!


Mr Amos enjoyed it too:)



Oh that smile!! I live for it


This was the choo choo. such a serious face!

My little helper:) I have a feeling this Christmas is gonna be a lot of fun!

Happy Tree Decorating Guys!!


In All Things Give Thanks.

Thanksgiving this year was extra special. Cal had to work on Thanksgiving day so I felt the deepest urge in my heart to cook for our own little family the day before. All I've ever know my whole life in regards to thanksgiving (and holidays in general) is to show up when the food is ready. Seriously, so spoiled! ha! So planning our turkey dinner for the first time was a little daunting, but gosh, so worth it. I feel doing our own special thanksgiving not only meant the world to me, but also to my family. They weren't near as excited as I was in the beginning, but as the three of us sat around the table indulging in our thanksgiving feast, I could feel a closeness to them in a way I've never felt before. These guys are mine, and I'm theirs. We are a family, and I owe it to to them to take special holidays like this and celebrate it with them alone. I think that is so important. It was also a lot of fun, and very fulfilling. As a wife and mom, my desire in life is to serve my family with a happy heart. This was definitely a way to make me feel I was doing that. And as far as the actual dinner goes? it turned out to be a hit! They all went back for seconds, so that's a good thing right? The only thing I had trouble with was the turkey. My oven broke (perfect timing) so I had to keep playing around with it to make sure it was at least cooking, and I think I actually overcooked it. Woops! but the house didn't burn down, so that's a plus right!?;) Any how, I just really really enjoyed this thanksgiving, and hope we can continue this tradition as the years continue.

What I'm thankful For.

  • Family, family, family; My own family God has blessed me with, my parents, and siblings, and my new family that I was married into. They are all important, and mean the world to me.
  • The man God brought into my life
  • The child he gave us
  • The roof over our heads
  • Amos:) Our new puppy, who is  turning out to be one cool dude.
  • Im thankful for even the small things, such as technology, cars, sunshine, Gods beautiful earth, and the chance to live on it. My favorite shampoo, favorite lotion, Ice cream, etc etct. (I could go on for days)
  • Im thankful for the china my grandmother gave me. It felt so special being able to use it for my family.
  • Im thankful for the opportunities God has given me in my life
More importantly, and above all else, Im thankful for my Savior who died on the cross so I may know him. He is the reason I  give thanks in all things, even the things that make it almost impossible to do so. I know not everyone is having a great thanksgiving this year. There is so much going on in the world,  and so much suffering. But I believe there is hope in Jesus Christ, and because of that I am thankful.

Thanksgiving 14


Family Pics..Finally!

Finally some decent family shots! Im so thankful for my sister who came over last minute to get these for me. I've been wanting family photos for a while, but with everything going on lately, I just kind of kept putting it off. Soo.. I called her, asked her to come over, got everyone ready, and we headed to our park right down the street. It was laid back, quick, and perfect. I love that we took them in our own little neighborhood at the park where Rob plays. We have so many great memories here, so It just adds a little more sentimental value to it. However,  It also made things a little difficult as he wanted to run away and start playing like he had done 1,000 times before! Luckily, we were able to bribe him with a little reward in order to keep him put. You gotta do what ya gotta do, right??;)  He did great. And so did my husband who isn't the biggest fan of getting his picture taken. I might have bribed him as well. ha! Whats a girl gotta do for some family photos around here?? sheesh;) Anywhoo, Im in love with the outcome and as always, I will cherish these moments forever. I'm so thankful this season for my wonderful family. God is good!



Halloween 14.


 Happy Halloween from these adorable trick-or-treaters! Okay, so they may not all be smiling, but at least theyre not crying, right??;) Halloween this year was exceptionally fun for Rob. Watching him trick or treat was adorable. We practiced him saying 'trick or treat' a hundred times, but of course every time he knocked on the door, he became a statue; scared to say anything! He would just hold his bag out demanding candy. haha- Oh, to be 2.  I hope everyone and their littles had as much fun as Rob- Woops,  I mean spiderman!;)  Hehe!

The photos are from our annual Fire Dept. Halloween party, and then a little bit of zoo boo.  

This girl!;)


So big!

Painted Pumpkins!