Family Pics..Finally!

Finally some decent family shots! Im so thankful for my sister who came over last minute to get these for me. I've been wanting family photos for a while, but with everything going on lately, I just kind of kept putting it off. Soo.. I called her, asked her to come over, got everyone ready, and we headed to our park right down the street. It was laid back, quick, and perfect. I love that we took them in our own little neighborhood at the park where Rob plays. We have so many great memories here, so It just adds a little more sentimental value to it. However,  It also made things a little difficult as he wanted to run away and start playing like he had done 1,000 times before! Luckily, we were able to bribe him with a little reward in order to keep him put. You gotta do what ya gotta do, right??;)  He did great. And so did my husband who isn't the biggest fan of getting his picture taken. I might have bribed him as well. ha! Whats a girl gotta do for some family photos around here?? sheesh;) Anywhoo, Im in love with the outcome and as always, I will cherish these moments forever. I'm so thankful this season for my wonderful family. God is good!