Tree Farm 2014

So we started this tradition last year of buying a real tree for Christmas. We have to wait until after thanksgiving to get it, which is always a lot harder for me than it is for Calvin, but I manage;) Its totally worth it. Nothing is more magical than being at a tree farm with the aroma of fresh pine in the air, especially after a day of feasting on delicious food. Its starting to become my favorite tradition yet. Rob loved it this year, because we had to ride on a trailer being pulled by a tractor out to the trees. He screamed... 'ohhhh tractor tractor....I RIDE TRACTOR!" the whole time. it was so cute! He also really loved the choo choo train ride they had. (This kid lives for anything with a motor!) What I love most about this is the family bonding time- Im kind of huge on that. Chasing Rob through the endless aisles of trees, picking out the perfect one to go in our home, and us holding his hand while we wander aimlessly through the fields, are the moments I will cherish forever in my heart. (I live for these moments!) It was such a beautiful day too which made the experience even better. Im already looking forward to next year...only 360 more days to go, but whos counting? ;) hehe!

A few pics!


Mr Amos enjoyed it too:)



Oh that smile!! I live for it


This was the choo choo. such a serious face!

My little helper:) I have a feeling this Christmas is gonna be a lot of fun!

Happy Tree Decorating Guys!!