Christmas Fun!

Christmas memories in the making!:) I love this time of the year because of all the sweet time I get with my family. Rob and I decorating the tree, making cookies,(we could not keep his hands out of that batter!) and just smothering them with gushy mushy love is what I live for this time of year!  All the fun decorations isn't that bad either;) This time of year is enough to make anyone feel extra grateful for their blessings-no matter what they are. For me- its these people above. Gods love and mercy is abundant in my life. Im thankful for everything God has done for me, including giving his son, Jesus Christ, so that I may know him. The hope and peace I have because of that is worth more than gold. Hallelujah Light Has Come! is one of my favorite songs to listen to during this time. It sends chills up my spine. God is so Good!

The shoutouts are to my grandparents. They always made Christmas so special for us. My grandmothers kid at heart nature would come out and shine so brightly around this time of  year. I think that's why I love Christmas so much. She just always made it so much fun. I love you, Mawmaw. I hold my memories of us around this time so closely to my heart. XO.

Happy Tree Decorating/Cookie baking everybody!


^^Making art for his Gig!^^