Today in South Africa...

Free Day in Cape Town
Today in South Africa we had our last and final free day before heading back home. You know Cape town is a fantastic city when you call and pay for a cab to drive you back for one last hoorah! We were staying in Stellenbosch at the time so it was a good 30 minute drive. There was still so much more to explore of downtown cape town, but we chose to stay at the waterfront to make things easier. There is still a million things to do there as well, plus the view is to die for! Such a fun little atmosphere with food and shops everywhere. I could spend a hundred free days here. :)
My sweet friend, Lauren, who spent the day exploring with me! She also had no shame in being my partner in crime as I ate my way through the place. We might have stopped at almost every stand! ha (yikes)

Reason 849349854 cape town is one of my favorite cities:) they take coffee seriously! oh and to the right there is spekboom. An indigenous plant to South Africa. We first learned about it from anna during one of our garden tours. She calls them little Vitamin C tablets. you just pick them and eat them. Every time one of my friends and I saw them we helped ourselves.They really are a burst of citric flavor! yum:)