Today in South Africa...

Peninsula Tour
Today in South Africa we did the peninsula tour. We got to see all the sights along South Africas western cape, starting with the most adorable little penguins then ending with a sunset in the ocean as we left cape of good hope. I try not to say one day was my favorite because they all hold special places in my heart for their own unique reasons, but today was pretty dang awesome. I feel really 'touristy' saying this was a close favorite, but who cares! Gods creation is beautiful and is worthy of  awe and adoration. There was a moment on one of the mountains where it all just hit me and a flood of emotions rushed over me. Throughout the past two weeks we had seen all kinds of things; fun things, cool things, and even sad things. Standing on top of a mountain overlooking Gods creation was a way for my mind to wind down and just absorb everything I had experienced that week. As silly as it sounds, Cape of Good Hope was a kind of a cleanse for my mind. A simply gorgeous view that helped put a lot of things in perspective.
Some pics to try and do it justice..