3 years...

Last night hubs and I decided to celebrate our 3rd anniversary by biking all around downtown. We both were in the mood for a good bike ride and since we got married downtown we chose to do so there. Im so glad we did. Ive always loved downtown, but biking on a beautiful Sunday afternoon made me fall in love with it even more. It was so relaxing and peaceful. We covered so much ground in such a short period of time and got to visit some of our favorite spots from our big day. Pictured above is the fountain where we took our wedding pictures. Those pictures are still my favorite today so it was a lot of fun 'recreating' them!;)
June 29, 2012

After stopping at our favorite spots we decided to cruise along the river. I haven't been in a long time so this was my first time seeing all the new stuff they added. I know Memphis has issues (most cities do right??) but it seriously makes my heart so happy to see them adding all these fun new things. Its a definitely a step in the right direction.

beale street landing with this hunk.^^ Love this man to the moon and back.

Dinner at Aldos! not the fanciest place for an anniversary, but definitely made for a delicious one. After riding bikes on the river, pizza just seemed right in so many ways.

The T-rex. Im assuming its named for meat lovers. and that we are!:)

Back to the river
We both agreed nothing would tickle our souls more than watching the sun set while sitting on the grass. so we hopped on our bikes, grabbed a few drinks from the riverside restaurant, and made our way down to witness one of life's simplest luxuries. Gods creation is amazing!

After the sun set we decided to bike some more. We ended up going down main until we came to Earnestine and hazels, one of my favorite places. We had a couple beers and ate some soul burgers then went to the upstairs to relax. None of the lights were working for some reason which made the place a little eeery. (if you've ever been to E&H you know what I mean) But after a while our eyes adjusted and we realized the moon coming through the big open window was the perfect amount of light for that setting. We sat on the window seal and talked. Like really talked. Sometimes I feel when your married and have kids, life is set on this super sonic speed and your just always going going going. We never get time to slow down and relax like we did that night. (im working on changing that) But it was so nice. We love our little booger though, and wouldn't have things any other way. In fact we both agreed that without him, we would never truly appreciate nights like this. Rob brings us so much joy and has definitely allowed Cal and I to grow and love each other deeper than ever before. I feel so blessed to say that. Our relationship is no where near perfect and just like everything else, it is in dire need of Gods endless grace. Calving constantly surprises me though, in the best way! He takes care of us and works harder than any other person I know. He loves us and never fails to put a smile on our faces. And when his crazy wife said.."hey babe..I think I want to go to Africa" he says absolutely. Not ok, not no way. Just absolutely. He values traveling and loves me so much that he wanted me to embrace an opportunity of a lifetime. He took care of our son and helped make everything possible. I literally have no idea where I would be without him. I once had a girl tell me she could never imagine being married so young. I thought for a second and then realized (truly realized) that I couldn't imagine not being married. I love my sweet Cal so much! Happy Anniversary babe. XOXO

The night seen through an iPhone