Midtown Mondays!

Okay I'm totally in love with muddys coffee cup wall. It makes me want to start collecting more coffee cups! Cal would die if he heard me say that. Ha!

Muddys isn't really new to me, but their grind house in midtown is, and guys...if you haven't been your missing out. I'm so excited that this place is close to my campus. They have a beautiful back patio that is pet friendly and lit up all whimsical. Then they have a spacious inside with a separate room that has a couch and faux fire place. It's where I like to study:) and then the best part... Coffee:) you know you have a problem when the sight of that word makes you smile. Seriously I love coffee. Not the overly priced full of syrup and sugar coffee (not anymore anyways) or the coffee that comes in plastic cups! Sorry keurig lovers, but it's got to go.  I started drinking my coffee black a couple months ago and now it's like a staple in my diet. I can't for the life of me figure out why I hid my coffee underneath all those syrups and artificial flavors.. Yuck! Drinking it black made me search for higher quality because, yes, it makes a huge difference! That's when I found J. Brooks at the farmers market. They are local here in Memphis! If you love coffee then you have to try their true north medium roast. I get the whole beans and grind them myself. There is something euphoric and calming about the aroma of whole bean coffee. Mmmm:) I was so delighted to see that muddys serves j brooks coffee. Major brownie points in my book. Local coffee shop buying from local coffee business. That's how it's done folks. Communities taking care of each other. Thank you muddys! 

I indulged in this cup with some whole milk and ground nutmeg! 

 Sweet Grass/Next Door

After muddys I decided to grab lunch at sweet grass. To my surprise, sweet grass was closed but their restaurant next door literally called Next Door (ha!) was not closed. So I walked in all by lonesome and was greeted very kindly by two gentlemen working. We got to talking and I found out the owner and chef buys as much produce as he can locally from the farmers market. WHHAA??  I about fell out of my chair. He also changes his menu up depending on what is in season. After I picked my jaw off the floor, I proceeded to tell the manager that I was a dietetic student and that one of my dreams would be to help restaurants do exactly what this one is doing, staying local. It truly is the only way for quality to be present. He was yet again very kind and open about the way they do things. I left this place feeling overwhelmed with joy for our town. To see small businesses like this, realize the importance of keeping things local and supporting our own community is such a breath of fresh air. Thank You Sweet Grass/Next door. I will be back:)

I ordered the farmers platter collard green enchilada! The sauce was fantastic, and the greens were cooked just right. It didn't stance a chance with me, as you can see from the pic!:)