A Very Very Merry Christmas!

A short film made out of some of the home videos from this past Christmas. It was a magical one! :) our very first Christmas in our own home. Rob is still a little too young to understand everything, but you can tell in the first 5 seconds of this video he had some idea! ;)  As soon as cal came home from the station he woke both of us up. And despite what I thought (he does not like getting up before 7:30) ....little man was all smiles! it was the sweetest thing in the world, and so beautiful for me and Calvin to experience. Children change everything. Our hearts are complete because of this little guy. I hope everybody had a Very Very Merry Christmas like we did! And an even greater new year:)

*song is Kelly Clarkson "Underneath the Tree" from her new album Wrapped in Red.
For some reason this song remained my little's favorite tune this season! It calmed temper tantrums, fussy car rides, etc. No matter what-if this song came on my little guy was going to clap, stomp, and shake his bum till dawn!  it worked like magic... it wouldn't be right if I didn't use it;)