Snow in March.

Happy 1st week in March Folks!;) Who would of guessed a random snow storm would blow through right after a day of sunshine and flip flops?? But hey, that's Mississippi! If you've lived here for a while then you should be quite acclimated. :) Rob usually loves the snow. Today, however, he has another molar trying to pop through causing us a lot of grief. The snow was just enough to divert his attention from the discomfort, but failed at putting that adorable grin on his face that I've come to know and LOVE over the past 17 months. Oh, the ups and downs of a toddler. My son can go from good to bad just as fast as Mississippi weather can go from Summer to Winter! hehe (I had to!)
I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the beautiful Snow.
Stay Safe!

 ^^ I couldn't help but take a pic of our modest, yet pretty view of the snow falling outside our
                                                            window during lunch.^^