Midtown Mondays!

I went from being completely solo last monday to having not just my sister, but both my parents join me this week. I have no shame in dining alone-its actually kind of nice sometimes. But its without a doubt, such a treat to have my sister and parents want to get together and try a new restaurant with me! I don't get to see them that often so I genuinely enjoyed this:)

Local on the square 

This week we tried local on the square. I have heard so many people rave about this place that when my sis called and told me to meet them there, I was thrilled. The only negative thing I have ever heard about local is their prices. They are a little high, but you really are getting what you pay for. My sis explained to me that they are a fine dining type restaurant combined with a pub style atmosphere. Perfect combo if you ask me!:) Also, the proportions are pretty hefty so that makes the prices seem more reasonable as well. Oh, and it was straight up delicious. Ill let the pics do the talking:)

Some pics to drool over..

We started off with the bbq duck quesadilla. Once again, I find the whole fine dining/gastro-pub combo to be quite brilliant! I mean duck and a quesadilla? yes please.

My dad then ordered a second appetizer. I love eating out with my parents, because they always want to try different things. These were the philly eggrolls. I split one with my sister. Ive never been big on philly cheesesteaks so I preferred the duck quesadillas over this. It was still tasty though! just a little too rich for me.

My entrée!:) I ordered the pork osso bucco. If you don't like meat then this is obviously not for you. But I happen to love meat and THIS was right on point. It was served over a bed of cheesy polenta and some kind of flavorful almost spicy sauce. The sauce you see over the pork was a horseradish sauce. That was actually what caught my eye on the menu. I love horseradish! Oh and my beer was a Memphis made dark brew with subtle hints of coffee. yum!

My dads order: shrimp and grits.

Lobster pot pie was my sis entrée! look at that flaky crust:) I didn't get a pic of the inside, but the lobster was nice and hearty!

sometimes a fork and knife just wont do:)

aren't they lovely! :)

random pic, but midtown was extra beautiful today. I had to snap a pic!

 So that's local in a nutshell! If your in the mood for good food, hearty dishes, and local beer then this is your place. If the weather is right, then I totally suggest the back patio. We enjoyed our lunch with fresh air and a good view of midtowns peaceful scenery. ahhh, so refreshed:)