Today is stunning. Seriously, it's a gorgeous day. My child and I can't get enough of it. I love spring so much. I was once asked by a friend which one I liked more- spring or fall?  I have to say spring,  hands down. Fall is cozy and exciting, but spring is so unbelievably refreshing. After months of cold weather and cloudy days, nothing rejuvenates my soul better than sunshine and clean air. 

I was also reminded by a sweet friend of mine about a special event that took place today; my engagement:) 

One of the greatest days. Maybe this is why I'm a little bias to spring;) 

3 years ago today, Calvin proposed to me on the mud island ampitheater, where three years prior to that we fell in love at a concert. As I walked up I saw my family slowly come out- even my family members from Alabama. Ahhh.. It was perfect. Thank you babe. I love you with all my heart. XOXO