Sweet Home Alabama!

We finally made it this weekend to visit my grandparents in Alabama. I've been wanting to make this trip for a while, but with me being in school and the hubby having a crazy work schedule- it was just really hard. But we made it! (Yayy!!) and gosh, it was a lot of fun! Some of the greatest memories I have as a child come from there. I mean seriously- I think I have the greatest grandparents that have ever graced this planet. ( I don't mean to brag- but I do;) they're wonderful. I'm so unbelievably blessed to still have them around for my son. I get to watch him make the same amazing memories that I made growing up. It's just beautiful :) so... With that being said... Here's some pics from the week!

              ^the moment we got there. They couldn't believe how good he was           

^^papa was so sweet. Such a kid at heart! He had so much fun playing with         him!^^

^^papa was on all fours chasing him around with a monkey mask on. You would never guess papas age by how he acts! Nothing slows him down- not even a rambunctious toddler!^^


^^ couldn't get enough of the window! ^

                 ^^ got his foot!!^^

^hehe! They were having so much fun!^

             ^^ Tackle papa! ^^

^^ Sweet Lauren stopped by! Love her!^^

^^ Mawmaw and Rob at the park! This woman has taught me some very important things in life. My sisters and I look up to her in so many ways! Love you! ^^

^^ he was so brave when going down these big boy slides. Definetely a proud mommy!^^

^^ wasn't in the car for 2 seconds before he knocked out! Thanks kid kingdom!:)^^

                ^^ hey cutie!:)^^

What a great weekend we had! I hope it was the same for everybody else! :)