"I like to juice it, juice it!"

Woot! Woot! Im finally getting my butt back into gear with this whole foods/healthy eating thing. I've always been a health-nut. I learned about juicing during my pregnancy and started doing it when Rob was first born. Unfortunately- somewhere along the way I kind of gave it up:/ not because I didn't enjoy it... But life got busy! As soon as my baby became mobile, life never seemed to slow down. I was constantly chasing him, constantly digging foreign objects out of his mouth, kissing boo boos, Etc. Etc. Dinner time was always rushed and there was hardly any time left when it came to cooking. Frozen vegetables (the cool ones that you can steam!)  have become a staple around here. It's quick and easy- and when you have a toddler... Well that's just how things go! Lately- rob hasn't been eating very good, and it's stressing me out:( after doing a research paper on eating a whole foods diet... I decided to give juicing another go. Life isn't slowing down anytime soon, and that's ok. At least with juicing, I know that we are getting raw organic nutrients from somewhere. And guess what... It's easy! And pretty tasty. Rob actually enjoyed the one I made today! Let's hope he continues to enjoy them because this time I plan on having these delicious smoothies stick around for a little longer!:)

Half an apple
Handful of spinach
Chopped carrot
Mixed berries 
Seeds from trail mix ( I like mine to have a nutty flavor) 
Good belly probiotic juice 

(This is literally a recipe I came up with on my own. Warning- I like strong juices! The more dark greens, the better. The beautiful thing about juicing is you can tweak it and create something you enjoy for your specific tastebuds. But don't be scared to explore! You never know what you might like!)

For other great smoothie recipes follow green smoothie girl blog. I followed her when I first started my juicing journey. That girl knows what she's talking about and she is a huge inspiration! 

             ^^ inside the cup ^^
     ^^Im not gonna lie... I think I'm more thrilled about putting my nutribullet to good use again. This was an awesome gift!^^

^^ this stuff is awesome! Good substitute for probiotics when dairy isn't an option^^

^^here it is...green smoothie! Ok more like brown. Close enough right?;)^^

      ^^see! See! He liked it! Yippee!^^

Oh, and of course I have to add some pics from the park today :) 

^^Happy sunday funday  everybody !^^