It was a good one :)

Today was a good one. Like seriously, it was great- Full of unexpected adventures   And memories to last a life-time. I'm gonna attempt to describe my day in a nutshell: A couple days ago my husband bought me a bike and a carrier for our little guy. I've been dying for one of these for a very long time! I was an adrenaline junky growing up and was always riding bikes: street bikes- mountain bikes- dirt bikes- you name it- I rode it. If this kid is Anything like me, then I knew  he would love bikes! And being outside period. (thankfully- he does) I got an unexpected call from my parents in the morning asking if I wanted to join them for a bike-ride at the green line. "Heck yea!" Were my exact words as I sprinted out of bed to get me and rob ready:) we biked for a good hour. It was fun! We then stopped for a break while poppa bear laid out on the road and soaked up some rays, and while rob wandered around a big open field with absolute content.  It was a great start to the day, needless to say. 
    We then came home. I get a call from my sis saying she needs to stop by. She does, and then She leaves three of her children with me while she runs a quick errand. It was crazy in my house!!! But kind of nice. I couldn't help but smile when I glimpsed into our future (cal and I) and saw 4 great children like these running around our house :) ( this was before they started pulling each other's hair out of course- so maybe were good with just one for now. 😉) no seriously, it was a lot of fun. They're great kids, and I love them all to peices- Every one of them. My sister truly has a beautiful family! 
    As the day comes to an end- my really good friend and her new fiancĂ© stop by. These two are great! Karissa is one of my best friends. Most of you might know us by "Kmfc" karissa, Mikki, faith, and chelsea. We grew up doing dance together and have been best friends since. I love every one of these girls. When I think of robs future, I truly worry about the people he will surround himself with. Friends make a huge impact on our lives. These girls have on mine-  which is why I am so grateful that  they are all wonderful and kind hearted souls  who have a desire to seek Christ in thier lives. We may not be perfect, and some of the paths we have taken may not represent it well, but we are a friendship driven by Gods divine love and grace. We are growing everyday as best friends, but more importantly as followers. My prayer is for Rob to have this. Friends that encourage and love him. A mother can only pray. I love you Kris! Glad we were able to enjoy you and your sweet fiancĂ©s  company tonight :) 
 So after ALL that, rob finally conked out. Finally! And mom is writing this blog and staring at this mess left behind from this eventful day...and I'm so happy:) my life is chaotic... And I'm in love with the chaos. I'm in love with my family. Today was a good one:)  enjoy your week everybody! :) 
             The Keatings 

Our day- according to my IPhone. 
^^Starting the day off right with a little bike trails^^
^^ Mom forgot his real jacket, so of course we improvised!:) 
        ^^Omg, I could eat him up:)^^

      ^^just taking a break:)^^
          ^^ I adore this picture. ^^
                 Nana and Rob

^^Poppa bears windows were rolled down... I think he enjoyed it!^^

^^ bring on the madness! I have mad respect for my sister who does this on a daily basis. She's pretty much superwoman in my eyes. I've always felt that way about her:) ^^

       ^^ boys will be boys, I guess :) ^^
              ^^"Back up arrived!!^^

^^So we cooked for our men. I wouldn't say it was perfect, but man we had a good time! :) thats what matters most right?! ^^

^^ I have no idea what we thought was cute about posing with a greasy oily chicken, but we did. And here it is. ^^

               ^^ Story time! ^^

                        The End.