A wedding and a fire-station visit.

So this past weekend we attended quite the shindig. One of my husbands cousins tied the knot! What a gorgeous wedding. wish I had more pictures but I was kind of busy chasing this guy^^ Oh...and he was all over the place! Ever since we came home from this wedding he has been non-stop busting the moves. Its quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen :) He stomps his feet....shakes his head back and forth....up and down. Then practically stand on his head and rolls over like a little roly poly.

I mean seriously, he has such a personality now. This new stage is so much fun and believe me we are enjoying every minute. :)


Visiting Daddy!


 Visiting Daddy is something we do quite alot...and it just never gets old. We love visiting him while at work.  When Cal and I first met we literally spent everyday together. I visited him at the station every time he went in. Fireman are a special breed, I tell ya. Very hospitable and kind souls. I cant remember one time where I wasn't offered a hot plate of delicious food if I was around during dinner. (emphasis on delicious-They do know how to cook!) One of the perks to marrying a fireman is when he brings home new recipes that they did at the station. umm....heck yes! feel free to take over the kitchen any time babe!;) Ha! But seriously...my husband loves his job. He talks about it all the time. There are times when rightful concerns seep into my mind, but how many people can say they have a true passion for what they do?? He can. The man is happy...therefore Im happy. :)
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^^He literally stood like a statue on the fire-truck for 10 min.^^
^^Im so glad I caught this moment on camera. Watching him reach for daddys hand to conquer such a small step was too sweet.
^^Up we go!^^
^^Eating dinner at the station. Taco Salads=YUM!^^