Its Garden Time!

March 20th may have been the official start of spring but it has literally just 'sprung' here at our house. I woke up the other morning to find my hostas and rose bushes in full bloom and gosh they are gorgeous! I try not to say one season is my "favorite" because they all hold special places in my heart, BUT spring is kind of a tough one to beat in my book. After months of cold weather and gray skies, I find nothing more refreshing than spring and all its colorful beauty! If you really want an amazing spring experience just drive around midtown with your windows down. Gosh- this little town is absolutely stunning this time of year! It’s just one more reason I want to live here :)

We decided to work on our garden this saturday. So after our usual farmers market stop, we hit up the agricenter to buy our plants. This is only our second year doing this so I’m not even going to try throwing out tips. We still have a lot to learn, but what better way to learn than just doing it, right? :) I will say, however, that we did take away two important things from last year: 1) don't buy more than your garden can hold. 2) Know your plants! We did not anticipate some getting so big. Also, we found that our cucumbers were runners, which means they would do better on a trellis than on the ground. So with those minor tweaks now adjusted, we are ready to enjoy a second year of what will hopefully be a delicious and bountiful harvest, Lord willing!
Happy Spring Everyone!