Im totally behind on my robisms which is really sad because this kid has been talking up a storm the past couple months. There is no way ill be able to remember all those side splitting and adorable  phrases that have come out of this kids mouth recently, but im gonna try. These are the things I just never want to forget.

1- sitting on the tractor pictured above. R- "hey mom, come in here. come sit, mom...SIT!"
me- "ok rob, where are we going?" R-"we..umm..you wanna go to the park??"  me- "Sure!"
R-"yeah! then we go get grocerys!" lol okie dokie rob.

2- sitting on the patio at newks. We were eating our lunch when a plane flew over us. Out of nowhere rob broke the silence and said... "LOOK, a plane! that's how mama goes to Africa!" This was a huge deal for me. I had told him about the trip a couple times and even pointed it out on a globe. But for him to make the connection with the airplane was pretty freaking smart. Proud mama moment.

3- Cal went to cuddle me one day on the couch. Rob had a fit, made cal take his arm off, and then said... "no, that's my momma daddy!" im trying to soak up these super clingy "i love mama moments" as I know they wont last long!

4- Me and a girlfriend are chit chattin in the kitchen when rob comes running in..."HEEEY, what yall talking bout??" lol. Oh man, I about fell over from laughing so hard. I know it may not sound that funny, but im learning a 2 year old can make anything funny. They are just so darn cute!! and everything they say is so unexpected.

5- So recently I weaned rob. Yes, from nursing. I was an extended breastfeeder and loved every minute. However, with the trip coming up, I knew I needed to have him fully weaned for both of our sakes. I was terrified of this process, but surprisingly he took it well. God is so good. He fussed a couple nights, but then one night he just said.... "big boys don't get Ne-Ne (that's what we call it) mom." I was so proud, but a little sad as well. When did my baby get so big? He then drew close to me and said.."we just cuddle." Oh Rob, you make my mama heart so happy.

6- If I hit a bump on the road..."woooaah, be careful mom!"

7- The other day I saw him riding his bicycle. He was spinning the wheel out on it and saying..."WOOAAHH.. This is so crazy!! Look, look im so crazy!" hahaha! I have no idea where he learned that one

8- last but not least- this is something I get told atleast 3 times a day. "mom, your so silly." Glad I know where you get it from then rob;)