movie night!

So apparently Memphis does free movie Tuesdays at beale street landing. And its kind of awesome!:) Well awesome in the sense that its free and that our city would do something like this for us. Maybe not so awesome though that we had three overtired kiddos who had been in the heat all day. Yikes!      Trying to keep them happy until 8:30 was a bit of a struggle, but hey! that's life with little ones. You cant win them all. Here I am getting a quick photo with my boys before the show.  Gosh, our view for the night was just terrible ;) (not!)

Some more photos
Hello cutest baby in the world.

can you tell the difference between boys and girls! :p

My heart.

The best I could get of all three of them ha!

I tell rob every time we leave the house that he can take one toy. And every time its this guy..Marshals fire  truck (paw patrol)

Frozen on the river... in the middle of summer:)

we love you aunt kiki!