Bass pro at the pyramid!


Better late than never! We finally made it out to see the new bass pro shop here in Memphis. Cal took rob while I was in South Africa so this was their second time but my first:) I’m not a bass pro fanatic or anything, but I grew up going to the pyramid as a little girl. I was so sad when they shut it down!;/ Like seriously, what is Memphis without its pyramid?? I am beyond thrilled to have it back up and running just in time for my little one. Oh, and considering he’s a little boy who likes trucks, boats, and fishing, I couldn't think of anything better to be here than a bass pro! I got lucky on that one I guess!;)

One of my favorite parts of tonight was watching the two of them bond. It was ridiculous how sweet they were. Rob had all the right questions and dad had all the right answers. And mom...well, I just chipped in where I could; usually a bathroom break, a hurt boo-boo, etc.  But when faced with the "hey, what fish is that?" question I was left stumped and darting eyes at dad to come in for the rescue. Im not saying I am completely illiterate when it comes to naming fish, but there are just some questions that dad is better at answering than me. All night I watched him answer with enthusiasm and delight every question little man had for him. If you have little ones then you know that's a lot! I feel so blessed looking at these two. my heart is full! Thank you dad for being our hero. We love you to the moon and back!

Bass pro, you were fun. See you soon!:)
this is where the fish questions began. And where I just gladly stepped back to snap some shots;)

haha! rob, your such a ham


 no fear whatsoever!



so glad superman is still gracious with his hugs <3
 ^^THIS. may not be the most flattering but rob took this pic of us so its going down as a favorite.

 another photo, courtesy of rob:)