Zoo Night.

We heard from a friend that the zoo was hosting a members night from 6-11. We decided last minute to go and give it a shot since my husband had to work on Memorial Day. Of course, like usual,  we arrived late so we pretty much missed all the 'good stuff.' But the thing we didn't miss out on was the quality family time we were able to have. With Calvin working so much, it's pretty rare we all three get to do something like this. To say it was nice having all of us together at the zoo would be an understatement; It was wonderful. And since it was memebers only, there was practically no one there which made it even more special. There were Certain areas that would make us feel like we were the only people in the world who existed. After this crazy month, I can't even begin to explain how nice that was. God knew I needed those brief moments of solitaire with my family. We were away from the world for a little while with just us. The perfect trio; My sweet little familia. Ahhh... Just what I needed to jump start this memorial holiday. 

      Thank You to all those who have served or are serving to this day. Your sacrifices are recognized, and so humbly appreciated by the Keating Family. 

            Happy Memorial Day!