Zoo Lights14.

I seriously love our zoo. I know Memphis has its problems, but I genuinely appreciate things like this. Its such great family fun at an affordable price. This was actually my first time going to zoo lights, and it was so magical! I probably had more fun than Rob. Hehe! What can I say? Im  a sucker for cold weather, snow (fake or not), and lights twinkling everywhere. Im a kid at heart. The picture above is me dancing with Rob by this tree. As soon as we pulled up, I yanked him out of the stroller and fell into my own world singing him songs and dancing. It wasn't until I was laughed at by a group of teenagers walking by, that I realized I needed to snap out of it, and remember I was in public. woops! I hate it when I do that. who cares. they'll understand one day. That's what I told myself.:) Seriously, if you think things like this are fun now, wait until you have kids. Their innocence and wonderment with the simplest of things is what awakens the magic inside of your heart. Places like this is what helps me to see the world through my toddlers eyes, and just live in the innocence of such tender moments.. Its so nice. And very refreshing. Im already looking forward to next year, Memphis zoo.

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