9/11. Never Forget.

I decided to write a blog post about this because honestly It was weighing on my heart pretty heavy this morning. And I just simply feel the need to share what God did for me. 

Waking up this morning was blissful. The rain was coming down and the thunder was echoing this peaceful roar that had me begging for 5 extra minutes. Of course with a toddler, that's impossible. "Mama.. Up!!" Have I not taught that kid what rainy days are about?? ;) "I'm up, I'm up" I tell him. We head to the kitchen. I fire up the stove to start his eggs. Then.. Like every other morning, in my zombie trance, I turn on the 'toons' (cartoons). But nothing came on. The storm must have knocked out our cable. I got frustrated for a second thinking how in the world am I gonna get chores done with an unenertained toddler!? But I really enjoyed the quiet, so it didn't bother me too much. I decided today would be the perfect time to make pancakes. It will entertain Rob, and give us something to do together on this rainy morning. He stood on the chair with his 'pancake hat' on, helping me measure and stir the batter. It was so much fun. Seriously. There are moments as a mother that time just freezes, and your perspective shifts. It's like this enlightenment just strikes out of no where, and my heart is opened to the true beauty of what is happening. In this case- true quality time with my son. Quality time that wasn't planned.. It just happened. It was in that moment in my kitchen, watching my son stir the batter, just happy as a lark, while the rain poured  down outside that I realized what day it was. This heavy burden of sadness collapsed on my heart, interrupting my feelings of joy and elation. I also realized it most likely was no coincidence my tv was shut off, and outside was somber. People lost thier lives 13 years ago in a senseless act of terrorism that forever changed the lives of almost every American; young and old. 

While I happily bake pancakes with my son, I know there are people out there hurting. Families of lost loved ones suffering, probably just trying to emotionally survive with remnants of that day scarred forever on their hearts. It saddens me to the core. Especially to think of the wives of those 343 firemen who went to work that morning and never came back. As a fire-wife myself who kissed my husband goodbye this morning before work, I can't help but cry. It just hits so close to home. My heart and prayers are with anyone hurting today. I pray for God to wrap his loving arms around those and offer his peace, of which surpasses all understanding, to those who need it at this time. 

God is so good. He opened my heart today and flooded it with a multitude of emotions. But left me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude, and humbled me at his feet yet again. I will never forget what happened that day, but will more importantly never forget what happened on the cross, the day Jesus died for my sins.  Run to the cross if you are hurting, and find refuge in your savior. In a world of evil and confusion, I can promise you, nothing is more comforting than knowing Jesus Christ. 

I hope everyone has a blessed and most wonderful day. A day made new by our Lord.