Family date night!

// We started our family date by having dinner at whole foods. If you haven't had a meal at whole foods you're missing out! Seriously, it's great. And for the most part, healthy. They do their best to serve organic and non gmo, Which is such a blessing these days. My favorite is the Thai food. I always order the pad Thai noodles with beef, curry sauce(<-amazing!), Brussels sprouts, and papaya sald on top. Delish!! And Rob enjoys it too- which is a total plus, because he can be quite the finicky eater! Cal, being a little more grounded in his southern roots, sticked to the meat, potatoes, and veggies. He also order a quinoa salad that was just superb! We all three left with happy bellies so I guess you could say it was a success:)

//the night ended with a spectacular evening at the fair. Although Rob wasn't old enough to ride any rides, we still had a great time. His favorite moments: 
1- Watching the pigs race
2- The cotton candy stand and shaved ice.  ok,maybe more mine than his;) 
3- The PETTING ZOO! This kid was all about the petting zoo. He even fed the goats. Thier tongues tickled his hand causing him to go into a fit of laughter each time :) that was probably my favorite part of the whole evening! I love that boys' sweet laugh. 
4- And then the music. We totally should have brought his guitar! We ended the night inside a tent watching Rob jam out to the band. That kid has some sweet dance moves! Our favorite is what I call the gorilla. I would try and explain, but it's better when witnessed. Maybe I'll catch it on video one of these times:)

//Nights like this are my favorite. Family is one of the most beautiful things God can give us. I love nothing more than spending quality time with these two precious people. I love them so much it hurts. Im so thankful for moments like these!