Midtown with Kat

What a fun day! I got to check out my sisters new place, and do a little midtown exploring. I love that my sis chose this area to live. It's so much fun, and has so much to do! I think that's my fascination with the city in general. Having store upon store within walking distance is nice- especially with my toddler in tow who loves being outside, and genuinely loathes being in a car! He just had all kinds of fun;)

We ate lunch at Mulan off cooper. I ordered the massaman curry, which was so good! I think I have a new obsession with thai food. For real. And my sis ordered the sesame chicken. Oh, and Rob ate portions off both our plates. His new obsession is rice, so he was in heaven! We then stopped inside Java Cabana for some delicious mochas, and just walked around until we decided to call it a day. It was pretty wonderful. The sun was shining, and the temp just right:)  I really love my sisters, and I just feel so blessed to have them. Days like these mean the world to me. Can't wait to visit more Kit Kat. Love you so!! and your cute little town;)