Christmas eve.

Soooo.. it technically wasn't Christmas eve tonight, but when your husband is a fireman, sometimes holidays and other happenings are just celebrated whenever they can! Which was tonight for us, and that is totally fine with me.:) I don't care what day/month/holiday of the year it is, family time is family time. We had this big night of zoo lights planned, but once again it just didn't happen. So my husband came home with dinner, my favorite Christmas movie, and a ginger bread house kit in order to make up for it.  This was actually my first time ever making a gingerbread house. can you believe it? And from the picture above you can tell. ha! poor rob... that thing just fell all apart! But we had a good time, and that is all that matters.(as cliché as it sounds). Building memories to last a lifetime are far more important than worrying about a pretty ginger house. Rob really didn't care either...he was far too consumed with eating the candy pieces :) can you blame him?
Merry Christmas Eve everybody!
Our best take at a family shot. its hard getting a toddler to cooperate!

love this man.

Decorating his house with the most adorable chubby fingers!

That would be a piece of gummy candy in his mouth he is trying to dig out!

how cute is this?? that's a Chalk paint cookie plate!

Choo choo from nanas house!